Pets Guide: Horses

There are several ways to transport horses. Your horse can be transported by air freight, by towing or by a specialized horse transporting company. The horse transport company can use either air or road to transport horses.

By Air:

Many airlines accept horses as air freight. Generally they will only transport horses on direct flights only however check with the airline. You will be required to have a stall constructed to the airline specification requirements.

You will need to ensure your horse has the necessary health checks completed prior to moving to your new home state. Remember states' requirements differ and the airlines will request to see the health certificates. The USDA may also be at the destination airport conducting inspections and may request to see the health certificates.

By Road:

Depending on the distance you need to travel, towing your horse in a trailer behind your motor vehicle may be an option. If you do not have a trailer you can consider renting one. You can also pack up tack and feed in the trailer. If you are not experienced in driving with a trailer this may not be advisable.

If your trip requires you to have overnight stays you will need to book stables for your horse. These stables will require a health certificates appropriate to horses only and if they do not it is suggested you do not board your horse there. Your veterinarian may know the applicable laws of the different states and will be able to provide you with the necessary health certificates.

Contact information regarding states' entry requirements is at the end of this guide. If you are unable to find a stable or lodgings for your horse in close proximity to your hotel, the hotel may allow you to keep the trailer in the parking lot overnight. In inclement weather this is not advisable. Feed and water your horse per the normal routine and clean out the stall when you have an overnight stop.

If you decide to use a horse transporting company be sure they are registered with the Interstate Commerce. You should also take out extra insurance as insurance is generally covered only to a minimum. This can be a very stress free way of moving your horse from state to state, but it comes at a price.