Pets Guide: General Guidelines

Pets are generally creatures of habit, so keep their routines as regular as possible in the days leading up to your move date. Continue to carry out normal activities and try not to break your pets routine too much, for example if you walk your dog each morning continue to do so.

It is a good idea to ask a family member to assume responsibility for your pet during the days of the move. If this is not possible you might consider hiring a professional pet service for the day or couple of days you will be packing and moving. These pet services have cropped up all over US and are available in many cities and towns. Some of these companies even offer door to door service.

Your pet can be picked up at your home and will be delivered to your new home on a predetermined date. Many pets become very scared and may bolt and run away during all of this irregular activity. Be careful with leaving doors open as it only takes one door to be left open to the outside unintentionally and your pet could be gone forever.

If your pet bolts on moving day, you may not be able to give the necessary attention and time to the search as you should and you may have travel plans which limits the time you can search. Another option that may be helpful is to organize for your pet to be boarded until you have moved in to your new home and arranged things.