Pets Guide: Birds and Small Pets

Birds are probably the most sensitive to changes in temperature of all pets. Your pet bird can be moved in the cage in which it lives in. When you are moving with your pets bird a cover for the cage is recommended. This can keep the bird calm and can help keep drafts out however be sure to place the cage in a location in the car that has adequate ventilation. Be sure to remove any containers of food and water before moving the cage so as to avoid any spills en route. Do feed and water your bird at its regular times as all small animals can birds can get dehydrated very quickly in warm weather.

Some states require a health cert for birds entering the state. The USDA may inspect this cert either at the airport or during routine roadway inspections. Have your pet bird inspected by your veterinarian prior to traveling. Some health certificates are valid for a period of time only, 10 days is common and you must travel with you pet within this period of time.