Moving with Pets: Tips to Keep Pets Happy During the Move

Moving is very stressful for us and this should give you an idea of how confused your pets might be during the busy days leading up to your move. Keeping your pet happy and relaxed will not only benefit it but also will give you a peace of mind. Follow our tips to keep your pets happy during the move.

Stay calm.
Pets are very good at detecting the emotional state of their owners. If you are stressed during moving, your pet will react to that mood too. Staying calm will help your pets stay relaxed too and make them easier to control.

The high energy atmosphere on moving day makes pets excited too. Give them an outlet to release their energy and calm them down. Give them a ball to play with in the yard. Once they’ve had their adrenaline spent, they’ll be much calmer.

Maintain their routine.
The moving day can make it hard to follow routine, but it is important that you do so for your pet. Give your pet the usual amount of time, affection, reward and discipline or at least close enough. Keep the feeding schedule consistent with daily the portion of meal at the right time.

Use a pet-sitter.
If you are going to be really busy, it is a good idea to arrange someone to look after your pet and give it time. A friends or relative would be ideal, especially if they already have a friendly relation with your pet. If you can’t get a friend or relative, you may assign one of the moving people to do the job, or maybe they could take turns. I asked each one to spend half an hour playing ball with my dog. The trick kept both my pet and the moving people happy. They had a break every two hours.

Use familiar objects.
On the moving day set aside a room for your pet. Place familiar objects in this room, for example your pet’s toys, blankets and feeding bowls. This will keep your pet calm and have a peaceful place of its own during the moving chaos and the back and forth from the long distance movers

Avoid sedatives.
Some people use sedatives to knock the edge off their animals during traveling. Although they may be helpful, but it is much better if you avoid them. Using sedatives may make your pet feel sick and uncomfortable after the journey.

Make the travel comfortable.
Spending some money on a comfortable pet carrier can make a huge difference. The carrier should be well ventilated and have space for your pet to move around. Try to stop after every 40 minutes and allow your pet outside to stretch about and have a run or two. It will only cost you an hour of journey time altogether.

Pets may feel restless at a new place. Keep their toys and belongings at the top so you can set up a corner for them that they are familiar with. Making their environment comfortable and familiar will keep them calm and relaxed while you unpack.