Moving to Another State: What to Consider

Any move, be it down the road, to another city or to another state is likely to be difficult. When moving out of familiar surroundings and your local comfort zones, unfamiliar becomes the norm and anxiety steps in. However, with proper planning, organization, and professional help from a reliable long distance moving company, this type of move can be made with little or no fuss. Once the moving organization is done, it is up to you accept it and start planning.

Important Considerations When Moving to a New State:
  • A professional moving company must be able to prove their credentials such as their licenses, Better Business Bureau ratings and customer reviews. Arrange for the movers to come to your home for an in house moving estimate where they can determine how much your move. This will also give you the opportunity to ask questions such as how they would handle a cross-country move.

  • Is your mover currently licensed to transport goods across state-lines, and more specifically from the state you currently reside in to the new one? If your mover is only covered for this side, then you could be dealing with a completely unknown entity transporting your goods to your new home on the other.

  • Every for-hire motor vehicle that crosses state lines must obtain an MC number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) and must hold proper insurance cover too. If hiring, do their motor vehicles already have these? How long do they take to get?

  • Are the quality of the schools and universities in your target town acceptable? Remember too that accommodation fees may apply if they are educated elsewhere.

  • What about state income tax, property, sales and other taxes? Will you be paying more?

  • What is the cost of living? Research thoroughly before you move so that you understand your expected costs and potential income in your new state.

  • What are the driver’s license requirements in the new state, and will you qualify? Remember: individual state requirements are different.

  • Finally, what about the weather patterns? If you don't like cold weather or hot weather you may want to avoid moving into an area that has bad weather conditions.

There is much to be done before confirming a move to another state. A professional moving company should have all the answers to the many questions that you should be asking before you finally decide to move. The big bonus is that with their knowledge and experience, your move should be a pleasant and easy one.