Moving During the Holidays

There are many times of the year when moving may seem daunting. One of those times is during the holidays. While others may be ‘decking the halls,’ you may be finding yourself in a position where you have to locate moving companies, pack up your home and start fresh. As difficult as this may be, this special moving situation doesn’t have to ruin your holidays and with some planning you can truly make the most out of this unique moving situation.

1. Locate Movers. As soon as you know that you moving start locating reputable and professional van lines. The best way to start is to ask for referrals from friends or family members. Their honest experiences can make it easier to decide and you may also get a general idea of how much their company charges for a move. If you don’t know anyone that has moved in your area, you can start by obtaining free moving quotes from reputable moving websites like Looking through phone book or conducting a search online is another way to go but expect to commit some time for this type of search.

2. Research Movers. Once you have the names and basic company information of three to five movers, start calling them (if they haven’t already contacted you through In your initial call, ask them if they are available during the dates you need. Some movers take off or offer limited services during the holidays. Clear that up right away. If the dates work out, ask them basic information about their company, types of moves that they work on, experience of the crew and how they handle special situations such as icy weather, stairs, etc. The answers are important but also how they treat you should be noted. If they are quick to get you off the phone or have short answers this may not be company that you want to work with. Also, never accept a moving quote over the phone. Movers should see your belongings before they determine how much your move will cost.

3. Invite the Movers to Your Home. After this call, you will have a better idea of what movers you want to meet with. Invite them over to your home for an in-house moving estimate. Not only can they see your items to determine but you can discuss the intricacies of your winter move. Some people have large and bulky items, asking the movers how they would handle these situations will help you make your decision. This is also a great time to ask about additional services such as packing or whether you need to purchase supplies through the company.

4. Start Packing. After you have decided which mover to work with, start packing. Since this is a festive time of year, consider playing holiday music the background to keep the mood light and joyful. To stay organized start by packing from room-to-room, starting with ‘like’ items. For example: all kitchen plates should be packed together. These items should then be sealed with sturdy packing tape and then color-coded so that you (and your mover) know what room these items should be placed.

5. Special Packing. If you are moving right before the holidays and have already completed your holiday shopping, then place the presents in a separate box. These items should either stay with you as part of your personal items or be one of the last items to load – meaning it will be one of the first to be unloaded. This can also apply to a box of decorations that you want nearby so that you can start decorating your new place as soon as possible. Be sure to also keep important documents, expensive jewelry and your money close-by.

6. Moving Day. The big day is here! Conduct a walk-through with your movers making sure that they see everything that should be moved and that you have each others contact information. If you are driving to your new home, play music in the car or talk about your new area. This is especially important for kids who may be unsure of the move. If you are taking a plane, make sure that you bring sufficient books, activities and food. For long trips, consider bringing a portable DVD player.

7. Moved In. Now that you are in your new home and the holidays are even closer, consider checking out a local event in town, eating out and relaxing in-between the unpacking. This time, after all, is about spending time together and although you had moving to deal with you can rest assured that new traditions and stress-free days will await you in your new home.