Tips to Enjoy Moving Back Home

It may be difficult but there are times in life when you have to move back home to live with your parents. There may be financial issues or a crisis or you may simply want to move back to your town, no matter what the reason is it is still a very difficult (and complicated) moving experience. Like any other moving experience, you will still have to locate movers, pack, organize your belongings by placing them into storage - but instead of relocating to a place you will be moving in with mom and dad. Here are some tips to make this experience stress-free.

1. Create Goals: Just because you are moving back home doesn't mean you should laze around the house all day. Think of the picture bigger picture. This may include a six-month plan where you move home, get a job and move out or something longer. Know how long you plan to stay with your family will make it easier to see the big picture such as why you are home (need to save) and when you plan to move out.

2. Ask Your Parents: Before you start calling moving companies, it's up to you to breadk the news to your parents. This will be difficult, and most likely, force you to swallow some of your pride. Call them and be prepared to answer a lot of questions - ranging from what your plan is to how you plan on earning money.

3. Create a Contract: You parents may be more than happy that you are home but that still doesn't mean they want a freeloader. Establish a contract for paying rent and/or bills - this might not be the full amount of what it would cost you to live on your own but paying something will show your parents that you are a responsible adult. Also, if you don't have the funds be sure to contribute by cleaning, doing the laundry, etc. Remember: every little bit helps.

4. Find a New Focus: Think of being home again as a time to re-focus. This may mean looking for a new job, reconnecting with old friends or discovering a new hobby. Use this time as a personal discovery to leave your parents house stronger, wiser and with a better direction.