Last-Minute Moving Checklist


Moving can be a busy and crazy time for many people. There’s so much to do from the packers to finding moving services, and yet, in our effort to remember everything, we may forget some things. So, to help you remember these all-important items, here’s your last-minute moving checklist.

Turn off/On Utilities:

Your electricity, water and gas are not physical objects you can just pack and unpack and bring with you in the moving truck, so you may forget about them. First, you’ll have to turn off your utilities at home, especially if no one is moving in right after you leave so you don’t get billed after you leave. If the utility companies keep billing you and don’t get payment, they may send a collections agency. You can usually call them in advanced and tell them to turn off you utilities a day or two after your move.

On the flip side, you’ll have to have your utilities turn on at your new house, assuming the old owners also had them turned off. Call the local moving company and have them turned on the day before or the day you move in, to ensure you won’t be dining by candlelight on the first night in your new home!

Forward Your Mail:

Mail is another thing you need to take care of before you leave. You can go to your local post office or even online on the USPS website to fill up the right form. The post office will forward all of your mail to your new home, but they may miss one or two, so if you have some important stuff (like credit card bills) you should contact the company directly so they know where to send you mail. In any case, you should change your address directly with the companies who send you stuff via mail, because the post office only forwards mail for one year.

Close Your Bank Accounts:
If you have your accounts with a large banking chain, then usually a visit to the branch or a phone is all you need to do to get your bank accounts switched to a new city or state. However, if you bank with a small credit union, you’ll have to take care of it yourself. You’ll have to go to the bank branch and ask them to close your account. You can take out your cash, have them send you a check or you can have them wire the money to your new account (if you already have a new one set up.) If you have to get a brand new account number with the same or different bank, make sure you stop using the account to issue checks, so that you don’t give out bad checks.

Transfer Medical Records:
Your health is important and it’s essential you get your medical records from your doctor when you move. This ensures that your new doctor will know about your medical history and can take care of you accordingly.

These are just some of the last minute things you’ll have to take care of when you move. There may be some other things you should remember, so make sure you write everything down.