Before Moving Day: Six Small Tasks to Attend to Before You Move

The moving date is set, only the essentials remain unpacked, you found the perfect school for the kids and you even found the time to map out the local shopping areas – you can finally take a breath. The difficult part is behind you, nevertheless, before you move, be sure to take care of these six small tasks that will help eliminate future stress. 

Change of Address:
Don’t put it off. These days changing your address can be done online for a $1 fee, or free at your local post office. Although a quick and painless task, it does take time for the post office to begin forwarding your mail. To prevent a trip back to your old house to collect a pile of mail, be sure to fill out your change of address form at least a week in advance.

Contact Service Providers:
To assure you aren’t left in the dark on the first night at your new home, be sure to contact your cable/internet and gas/electric service providers for information on their relocating process. Depending on how far you are moving, you may be able to continue use with only a small break in service. On the other hand, if you are moving some distance away, you will most likely have to discontinue service and find a provider that services your new area. It may also be beneficial to contact your gym, cell phone provider, banks and credit unions, as well as you employer to inform them of all changes to your contact information.

Tell Your Family and Friends:
You won’t be able to keep it from your in-laws for long. So, be sure to contact friends and family to give them your updated contact information as well information concerning your moving day. You can take this time to call friends and family you haven’t spoken with in a while. Of course, if you’re short on time, you can always use a bulk email to get your message out.

Get Rid of Food:
Be sure to clear out the fridge before your moving day. Check with your neighbor to find out if they could use any of your perishables, or use what you can making snacks for moving day before tossing what is left. This is also the perfect time to give the refrigerator a good cleaning and defrost your freezer if needed.

Start cleaning the house. Rather than wait until you are exhausted from a hard day of moving, start cleaning areas of the house while you begin packing. Of course, you can always hire a professional to clean your place. If you choose to go this route, be sure to schedule the cleaning in accordance with any required walkthroughs.

What a better way to help close out this chapter of your life than to have the family and friends who help shape your memories over for a farewell party. Invite neighbors, friends and family over for a night of eating, toasting and reminiscing. Who knows, you might even be able to convince a guest or two to help on moving day or with the final clean up.