Green Moving Ideas

You may not realize it, but moving into a new home can wreak havoc on the environment. Think of all the boxes and packing materials you use that eventually gets thrown away to the gas and truck mileage that gets used as your belongings are transported to your new home. With all the extras that you’ll need to purchase to secure your belongings, the same chaotic situation can be applied to your pocket. However, there are some quick ways to help you save on your space, money and of course—the planet.

Time to De-Clutter:
There’s no better way to have a fresh start, then when during your long distance moving experience. If you can, donate or sell the items that you no longer need or want on eBay and Craigslist. Garage sales are also very useful if you have extra time. Remember, the key is to bring less with you to your new home.   

Boxes and Crates:
Boxes and crates are usually where the bulk of your money and waste go. This is because most movers tend to dispose their boxes after one use. Not only is this wasteful, but also unnecessary. Most local businesses and department stores are more than happy to donate their old boxes to you.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have boxes readily available. If you’re unable to find free boxes, there are companies that rent recyclable crates and boxes. U-Haul also has a box exchange program that helps movers find the moving supplies that fits their need.

Packing Material:
Trade in the bubble wrap for old newspapers and clothes. Ask family members and friends to also collect these for you. Socks, for example, are good to cover certain valuables, while newspapers are excellent stuffers for glass and ceramic pieces. Other garments, such as blankets, could be used to protect larger items and furniture.

Keeping It Clean:
A green move wouldn’t be complete without the use of green cleaning products. Scrubbing old floors and windows could be a lot easier with the leading eco-brand, Seventh Generation. The company carries everything from laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, diapers, baby wipes, and recycled toilet paper. After moving out and before moving in, make sure that you’re cleaning methods is also eco-friendly. 

If you go wrong on your mode of transportation, all your green efforts will go down the drain with it. Since trucks are the biggest energy drainers, it’s always best to rent a small truck to save on everything. Smaller trucks not only use less gas and mileage, but they also protect your valuables a lot better. These tend to keep your belongings nice and tight, while larger trucks have more space for things to move around and break.

Another added bonus is the bio-fuel trucks. Be sure to check and see if the company that you’re using has these trucks available. As the world becomes a little more conscious, these green rides become more popular. 

Hand It Over:
For those that don’t have the time and resources available to make a green move, there are moving professionals for the job. Go Green Moving Solutions, for example, is a California-based company that does the moving part for you. Not only that, it’s done with an eco-friendly state of mind. Their equipments are made from the recycled materials of Earth Friendly Moving, which makes its products from hard to recycle products.

After the Move:
Once you are settled in, think of new ways to keep your belonging and waste to a minimum. Continue to donate and recycle items that you no longer need, as well as limit the amount and type of things that you purchase. If you must, get used furniture from consignment and antique stores. Also, reduce your pile of junk mail by contacting companies, such as and the Direct Marketing Association. This will save on paper and headaches when sorting through the mail.