How to Avoid Moving with Your Junk

One of the joys of moving is starting over in a new home that, presumably, is free from the clutter of your former homey abode. If you manage to avoid moving your junk with you, that is. Moving is the time when you ask yourself: do you really need to pack those boxes in the attic with you? Or the clutter in the cupboards that that you haven’t really used in the past five years? Or the contents of your bottom drawer, clothes that no longer fit you but which are still far from worn?

If you answered “yes” to the previous three questions then chances are you are the type who would move to your new home, bringing all your old junk with you. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have ample space in your new house (and money to shoulder the additional moving company costs to move the stuff that you don’t really use). But if you have neither, then it’s time to do a rethink.

The best way to avoid moving with your junk is to find another use for it, or to find people who will have use for it. Here’s how:

Throw them all away.
This is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of all of your junk. Put all your boxes outside your yard, mark as trash and hope the garbage collectors come and pick them up. In some cases or in some areas, you might have to be the one to bring your junk to the recycling facility.

Organize a garage sale.
One man’s junk may yet be another man’s treasure. Organize a garage sale at least a month before you move out. If you have an especially large amount of junk, be sure to hold it regularly on several weekends. Sell your stuff at a good price – otherwise no one might buy it. Organizing a garage sale is better than throwing all your junk away, as whatever you earn can help your move even in a small way.

Donate to charity.
Some of the things you’re planning to throw away may actually still be useful. Donate them to charity. This is especially true for gently worn clothes and shoes, as well as interesting trinkets. You can also donate your books. When you donate, you can be sure that what you gave away is going to a good cause. If you’re left with junk that’s not quite fit to donate, consider options one and two.

Rent storage.
If you really can’t bear to part with your things, or if you want to have more time sorting which one has sentimental value or not, and not be hassled thinking of it on top of moving, then consider renting storage space. This option is a possibility if your new home lacks storage space. However it costs money and is not a practical alternative, particularly for junk.

Once you’re in your new home, make it a habit to de-clutter regularly so you avoid the pitfalls of collecting more junk that you won’t use.