Essential Supplies for Your Moving Day

Now that you are getting reading to pack, it's time to get serious about locating proper supplies for your move. Our comprehensive list of moving supplies will not only enable you to understand the ins and outs of what you need to pack, it will also provide you tips to make this process easier.

Basic Essentials:
No matter what you are moving or where you are moving to, you will surely need moving boxes, tape, scissors, moving blankets, small plastic bags, bubble wrap, markers and labels. These supplies will ensure you can wrap your bare essentials and protect them from the elements.  Boxes usually come in different sizes. Medium moving boxes (18x14x12) are great for your forks, spoons, knives, other kitchenware, pots, pans, books, collectibles and other things you don’t want to squash with a bunch of stuff in the other boxes. For larger items or heavier things, you have your choice of large moving boxes (20x20x15) or extra large moving boxes (23x23x16). Purchasing moving boxes from a reputable moving company or from a specialty moving box companies is preferred since these boxes are sturdier and built to handle the rigors of moving.

Other Essentials for Moving Day:

1. Old Newspapers:
Not for just glassware and fragile things, but for providing extra cushion on the corners of moving boxes. If you stuff extra paper into the corners of the box, it makes it more secure in a fall, according to a tip we found from You can also fill things with small gaps or holes in them so they won’t likely bend as you would with a box of hats.

2. Binder:
A binder? This is an unconventional item to have around during moving day, but you will thank us later for suggesting it. We hate transferring our day-to-day contents from one purse to another the next day and leaving out favorite lipstick or our trusty Metrocard in the old carrier. With moving your entire life’s contents from one home to another is an entirely different story. With a binder, you can most likely keep track of all your important moving documents (moving estimate, movers contact info, etc) and important pages you come across during your move. Like your diploma that has been encased between two books on your bookshelf for years or your mother’s baby picture you’ve had sitting on your desk for ages, or the love letter you kept in an old notebook. These things no matter how trivial to someone else can mean the world to you, so keep a binder around for when contact sheets, bank statements, bills, listings, closing papers, and more come up through the dismantling of clutter.

3. Giant Tube of Stretch Wrap:
This is one thing we have taken away from all our experiences being delayed or lost in the airport somewhere abroad. Most airports charge extra for you to plastic wrap your luggage. That could work for you, too! Instead of just throwing a priceless painting in the back of someone’s truck you can use heavy-duty stretch wrap to save it from the elements, corners of shelves and handles of suitcases waiting to jab and put a hole it in.

4. Tool Belt with Real Tools:
We would advise you to keep a tool belt around your waist with the essential hammers, screwdrivers, roll of packing tape and whatever else you will be using all day to pack. We should advise sticking your phone in there so you don’t miss any important calls as well as a zip lock bag full of clean wipes to dust as you go.

5. Black Garbage Bags:
These are so convenient for last time things you need to pack away such as bedding and bathroom essentials you will be using till the very last minute. We would advise you save space and pack away things in your available trash cans (in addition to empty laundry hampers, giant Tupperware, etc).

6. The United States Postal Service Mover’s Guide:
This handy dandy guide is available at any post office or available online. This book will give you all the tips you need to change your address and make suggestions for things you need during your move.

These are the basic threads of your move to keep it all together. We would also advise you get all your friends and family members to helping with packing—keeping the group small with only people who are especially careful, fun and love using labels!