Tips to Having a Garage Sale Before You Move

Whether you have a big family, or if you are moving solo, downsizing is the key to a successful moving experience. This will mean that you do not waste time and materials in packing up useless items as well as have to pay moving companies for items that you rarely use. Let’s face it, every home has such items and when a move looms, it is the very best time to dispose of them.

When packing up your household to be moved to your new home, it is advisable to pack each room separately. Once the items which you absolutely do need from that room have been packed, check all the items which you are downsizing – that is, that you have decided you no longer need and place them together in one area. These objects can then either be donated to charity, given away to family or friends, or put out at a garage sale. Remember – one man’s meat is another man’s poison, so by organizing a garage sale just before your move, you will in all probability be able to sell these items which you no longer need or use – and any money earned will go a long way to help cover the costs of the actual move.

Organizing a garage sale is not that difficult a task. All you really need is a large folding table where you can display your possessions, a friend or family member to help you keep an eye on them and plenty of small change.

In order to sell your wares, it is essential that you ask a fair price for the items on offer. Garage sales are well known as a place where collectors and dealers come to look for bargains and these people often buy a large number of items. If you are lucky enough to attract these dealers and collectors, be willing to bargain on prices or to offer a discount on multiple purchases. After all, it is easier to sell a large number of objects in one fell swoop than to wait around for individuals who may only buy one or two pieces at a time.

Make sure that all your items are placed in a way that they are all visible. Do not keep some items back for display later, as you may miss sure fire sales. This means that you should place the tallest items at the back of the table and graduate the sizes down to the smallest being in the front. Large items should be placed alongside the table or in front, but make sure that buyers can get up close and personal with your possessions if they want to take a closer look.

It is also a good idea to place similar types of items together, such as books, records, baby clothes and toys, decorative objects and the like, as this helps buyers who are after only one type of purchase to look at them easily, without having to rummage through all of the items on offer.

Finally, make sure that your garage sale is well advertised in order to ensure a good turnout.