Should You Store Your Items with Your Movers?


Perhaps you’ve got a few days, weeks or months before you can move into your new home after you move out. What will you do with all your stuff? Perhaps you can get a storage locker, but few places will rent you a place for less than a year or six months. Have you considered storing your things with your movers? Many moving companies offer storage services, and these can be bundled together with your moving costs. So, should you do this? Let’s look why you should or shouldn’t store with your movers.

When you store with the same company you’re moving, then it’s much more convenient than getting a separate storage unit or company. If you do it separately, then you have to pack everything yourself, put it away and then have the movers haul them away later (assuming they don’t have to re-pack everything.) If you store it with your movers, then you can have your movers pack up your stuff and have them store it, and then just wait for them to deliver it. If you need access to your things in between your move, however, you may find that this won’t be easy when storing with your movers. Often, they are only for storing one-time and you have to wait until delivery day to get them.

Of course, this also means you have to prepare everything in advanced. Obviously, this means you can’t pack perishables with your items to be stored, so stuff in your refrigerator has to be taken with you or thrown away.

If you need to pay for storage costs anyway, you may find that you can save some money by storing with your movers. You may be able to get a package deal, with your moving companies offering you a discount to store with them. Also, storage companies can only offer you're a pre-set space, so if they don’t have enough space, you may not able to store with them, or if you don’t have enough stuff, you still have to pay for full price.

Many storage facilities have tough security – surveillance cameras, security personnel, security systems, because it’s their business to keep your things safe. With moving companies, you’ll have to make sure they specialize in storing as well, and that they take the necessary precautions when protecting your things.

Moving Insurance:
Specialized storage facilities should have the necessary insurance policies to protect your items in case of damage or loss. A long distance moving company may only have insurance for when they’re moving, not storing, your things, so ask your movers. Also, see if your homeowners insurance covers storage with your moving company, so make sure you are up to date with your payments. So, should you store with your movers? It really depends on your situation. After reading these pros and cons, you should be able to make a better decision.