Moving into Your First Apartment: What Paperwork Will You Need

Moving can be severely exhausting for first-timers. Nonetheless, you can minimize the troubles it would cost you to move to your first apartment if you will take a few minutes reading this article.

Set aside the packing, unpacking, hiring movers, and so on - the paperwork is still the most tiring, time-consuming, and irritating part of moving. Some documents are processed only after several weeks and aside from tons of phone call, the agency's going to ask you to come back over and over again to their office. Giving it enough time to secure all these papers is very much important. Below are the documents you will need when you move into a new apartment:
  • Identification Card - For apartment leasing, any ID can be used. Whether it's a student ID, driver's license, voter's ID, passport, visa, etc - as long as they're valid. Most landlords will require only one ID but it's always better to be prepared. Have at least two valid IDs on hand.

  • Proof of income - you need to ensure the landlord that you have the ability to pay your monthly dues. This document can be anything from your employment pay slip, business income statement, and so on. It's a must that you present the most recent pay stub or statement. If you're self-employed or you have other sources of income, you should present appropriate proof of income too.

  • Most recent tax returns - whether it's your last year's return, as long as it is the latest one you've got, that's alright. Some landlords will only need two most recent returns while other may ask for more. You may secure copies of your last three returns to be sure.

  • Reference letter - if you're moving from one apartment to another, it is best to secure a reference letter from your previous landlord so you can show to the new one that you are a trusty, honest, and dependable tenant. Make sure the letter states the contact numbers or address of your previous landlord so your current one can verify information on the letter. It's also advisable to seek reference from friends and associates. If you're transitioning from school and haven't found a job yet, you can just provide a copy of your diploma or any certification that you have just graduated from college.

Once you have moved, there's still a series of paperwork to be done. First, you need to update your existing records particularly your address. This is crucial especially if you're relocating to a different state. You need to go to the postal office to update your new mailing or billing address and this process usually takes 30 days. Then, don't forget to inform important people about your new address. Aside from your close friends and relatives, you may also want to inform your business associates about your current apartment address.

At this point, you now have an idea of what to do when it comes to moving documents. Have a safe move!