Moving Alone: Tips When Moving Solo

Moving out on one’s own is a life changing event. It may be a student moving out of their home to go to college for the first time; or it may be because of the break up of a relationship but, whatever the reason, it will open a new chapter and mark the progression to the next stage in one’s life. With this in mind, one needs to plan meticulously for this moving experience to be successful and with as little stress as possible.

Consider downsizing. The most important tip to a successful solo move is that one needs to downsize. This simply means that you will have to go through all your possessions with a fine toothcomb and discard (or recycle) any items you really will not need any longer. This step must be done ruthlessly, as the consequence of not doing so will only mean that you will be unpacking things in your new home which you will have no place or use for; and you will then have to find a means of disposing of them in an unfamiliar area.

Sort out your clothing. When downsizing, clothing must be at the top of one’s list. Sort out all your clothing items into the following three piles: pack, donate or toss. The clothes you wear frequently should be packed. Clothes or footwear that are still in good condition but you have not worn during the last year should be put into the donate pile. The remaining items from your closet, which are generally items that have holes in them, will form the third pile. These items can be tossed.

Pack everything else. Take time to pack all the items that you are not using on a daily basis, such as pictures and photographs, ornaments, spare linens, duvets and blankets, kitchen utensils and the like a few days before your moving day. This will free up time to pack the things you need on a daily basis, such as personal hygiene items, a few items of clothing, your bed linens, a towel and some kitchen items, at the last minute. Remember to label these moving boxes carefully so that you can find them easily in your new home, unpack them and have all your basic necessities immediately available.

Hire movers. Hire a long distance moving company to move your furniture and heavy goods (like your fridge and stove). Since these items are expensive to replace, a moving company will ensure their safe arrival since they have the experience and equipment necessary.