What are Some Common Moving Day Fears

Few life events seem to inspire as much anxiety as moving. In fact, a recent moving survey indicated that 52 percent of those moving experienced very high moving day stress and/or anxiety.

So, now that we know people fear moving, let's look at some of the reasons why and how to combat that fear by taking action.

1. Fear of getting scammed:
Everyone's heard scary stories about rogue moving companies trying to jack up the price they quoted you after they get your stuff, and then holding them hostage until you pay up.

Fortunately, it's a minority of moves, and there are several easy ways to sort out the good from the bad.

  • Never receive a quote over the phone or from the Internet. Make sure movers actually come to your house so that they can see the items you need moved. This will enable them to give you a fair quote and not one based on a rough estimation.
  • Only deal with a moving company and not a broker who just sells your business to someone you know nothing about -- and probably has little interest in how your move goes.
  • Get at least three in-home assessments from movers. This help you learn more about a mover and weed out the bad movers.
  • Don't take a low-ball quote. Ever. There's a good chance the mover is giving you a low quote to get your business with the intention of getting more later.
  • Check the movers with the Better Business Bureau, your state's authority of moving to be sure that they're licensed (if they're not, avoid them like the plague), and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Web site to see if there are any violations.

2. Fear of doing it all:
Have a plan, and stick to a strict timeline. For starters, set aside a room as "packing central" where everything such as paperwork, packing materials, etc. is kept. Then pack nonessential items first so you can get a headstart. As you finish each room, clean it, and cross it off the list. There's a bunch of stuff to get done when you move, but if you map it out in easy-to-take steps, it'll be much easier.

3. Fear of damage:
If you're really worried about something getting lost or damaged, just plan to carry it with you in the car. Why fret about something that you can control? If it's a large object, move it to the new place prior to your move. Or ship it via FedEx or UPS. If you really must have the movers pack it, tell them it's valuable to you, and ask them to be extra careful. Also, check out options for moving insurance.

4. Fear the kids won't want to go:
To help them with this transition, include your kids in the process. They can help out by conducting research such as learning about their new neighborhood and what fun and exciting things they can do there. Beyond that, older kids can help with weekly updates on your moving preparations such as with packing and even helping you find movers. If kids are enthused about relocating, it will make things easier.

5. Fear of moving day:
It's finally here: moving day! As the loading begins, you may be fearful of starting new and moving on to a new place/day. These natural fears, though, don't have to be a hindrance to you and your family. Think of change as being a good thing as well as the opportunity for you and your family to start fresh.