Settling In After Your Move

You’re done unloading everything from the truck. The boxes and your furniture are now safely stacked inside the house. You paid the moving company for the job well done. Now, you’re sitting on the couch and trying to enjoy the new ambiance of your new home. You’re done moving.

BUT wait! Moving does not end after you have moved everything. Moving includes settling in after your move.

Get the unpacking done.
Settling in after your move starts from unpacking all those boxes and relocating all your furniture. But it doesn’t mean that you have to finish everything in one evening. Always find time to rest. You may want first to eat and have some rest before getting into the moving boxes.

You may want to unpack one room after the other. In this manner you can effectively manage the flow of your items and the trash in your house. It will be less messy and stressful if you do it this way. You may also ask a few friends to help you with the furniture. Never do it alone, you might get hurt trying to move these heavy pieces of furniture around the house. Always keep yourself safe.

Get to know your new house.
You may want to look around first the new house. Try to walk around the house, check the utilities, and try to see if there are things that needs repair, or that requires your special attention. Check the heater if it’s working (you don’t want to spend the night without it). See if the gas and water are properly installed. You may want to cook a sumptuous dinner for your family after the big day. You don’t want to be frustrated to see that your gas connection has not been installed yet by your provider.

Get to know the new neighborhood.
Find time to stroll or drive around the new place. Get yourself familiar with the location of the convenient stores, parks, nearest school, church, and other important institutions in the new place. You don’t want getting lost on your way to the drug store. You may also want to accompany your kids in the nearest park where they can play, or accompany them in their new school. It will give them the sense of security and help them adjust more quickly in the new environment.

Get to know the new neighbors.
 Settling in after your move includes making friends with your new neighbors. Wearing a smile in your face can do the magic. Likewise returning a warm greeting from your neighbors is a sign of goodwill. A good conversation can start from a sincere and warm “hello.” Break the barrier of monotony. Don’t be shy to approach and start a conversation. Who knows, it may be the start of a long friendship.

If you have the extra budget, you may want to organize a small “thanks giving party,” or a “getting-to-know-the-neighbors” grill party on your lawn. A few cold beers will be nice to keep the evening going.