Moving Tips for a Small Move

The stress that comes with moving is usually quite high especially when it was poorly planned. However, with proper planning and armed with some useful tips, it is possible for someone to have a smooth and stress free move. It is with these tips that you will be able to plan yourself accordingly and have a well organized move.

In this day and age where time is everything and people cannot afford to waste any of it, it is therefore important to make sure that you adequately plan your move in order to make things easy for you. Some of the most useful moving tips would involve different areas. To begin with carefully pack all your stuff accordingly. For the small and moveable items, it is best to have them packed in properly sealed boxes or totes. Try to fit all your items in fewer boxes if possible since this will mean less return trips to the house from the truck and you will be able to finish up with your move on a timely fashion.

It is important to plan ahead for long walks and tiny elevators. This will automatically means that you will have to cover a long distance with your furniture and boxes to your new apartment. It is also possible that the apartment you are moving into has a very small and cramped elevator. For this you can hire the services of about 3 men who will strategically place themselves with one bringing the stuff to the elevator another one loading them into the elevator while the third guy removes them from the elevator and takes them into your apartment.

Parking space is known to be quite hectic in some states. You should therefore make sure that you get a permit to park the moving company truck next to your apartment earlier on in the week especially when moving over the weekend. This is the time when a good number of people are off from work and each and every parking spot taken. It is important not to rely on the alley for parking since it is not the best and the right place to park.

Some states are known to have very old buildings with cramped staircases and doorways. Things have changed now and the furniture being made is much bigger and heavier than it was then. This will disrupt your move since the old buildings were not constructed with spacious and wide doorways to give an easy access into the building with your furniture. For such a situation planning ahead would involve you measuring your furniture against the doorway or staircase to determine whether it will fit or not. This will also help the movers to find other strategies to make sure all your things get to your apartment in one piece.

If you follow these simple but effective tips you will be able to have an easy and stress free move. It will be so simple you will not even get that fatigue usually experienced after a move.