Moving Tips for a Small Move

By Dermound Becker
Special to

The stress that comes with moving is usually quite high especially when it was poorly planned. However, with proper planning, it is possible for someone to have a smooth and stress free moving experience. With smaller movers, however, there is often a little less stress because there are less belongings to worry about. But whether your move is big or small you will still have to deal with movers, leases or mortgages and packing.

Some of the most useful moving tips would involve different areas. To begin with carefully pack all your stuff accordingly. For the small items, it is best to have them packed in properly sealed moving boxes or totes. Try to fit all your items in fewer boxes if possible since this will mean less return trips to the house from the moving truck and you will be able to finish up with your move on a timely fashion. It is important to plan ahead for long walks and tiny elevators. This will automatically mean that you will have to cover a long distance with your furniture and boxes to your new home or apartment.

It is also possible that the apartment you are moving into has a very small and cramped elevator. In these instances, you will need about three men who will bring down your stuff,  load your items and remove them from the elevator. Since you will have less stuff with your small move, this process shouldn't take that long.

Your moving company should also know about your parking situation on your street.  Make sure that you get a permit to park the moving truck next to your apartment  - especially if you are moving over the weekend. This is the time when a good number of people are off from work and each and every parking spot taken. It is important not to rely on the alley for parking since it is not always the best or the most reliable place to park.

Additionally, when moving consider your building size and whether you have tight staircases and small doorways. Some buildings may not have spacious and wide doorways - making it difficult to get furniture in and out of your apartment. Before you have measure the dimensions of your doorway as well as the dimensions of your stairs. Also, be sure to measure your items to determine whether they will fit or not. This will also help the movers to find other strategies to make sure all your things get out of your apartment in one piece.

Follow these effective tips for an easy and stress free move - despite its size.