First-Tme Moving: Tips When Moving Away From Home

Moving away from home is a huge step in any young person’s life. It is a mark of independence and show of adulthood; and a journey into the future. Young adults leave home for a variety of reasons, such as going away to college or finding a job.

Whatever the reason is for moving away from home, it is a very difficult and emotional time for all members of the family, especially for the young adult who is embarking on their own.  Fortunately, with some organization and planning, the move can be accomplished with a minimum of stress and problems.

The most important aspect is to have open communication, both through the transition period (when there will be lots of calls home for advice and help) and once things settle down. The best way to do this is to establish a routine where telephone calls are made by both parties at regular and set times. If you are really busy you can send emails or Skype so that you will be able to see each other when you chat.

Before you start calling long distance moving companies you will have to locate the right apartment or rental home.  If at all possible, you should visit the place you are moving to ahead of the actual move, preferably with your parents, in order to find the best place to live. You may want to also visit some real estate agents to get an idea of the prices of rental properties. The main points to weigh up when choosing your accommodation, after taking your budget into account, is how close it is to where you will be working or studying and the available transport options, cleanliness of the building and surrounding area and noise levels. If you will be sharing, meet with your flat or housemates to ensure that you will get along and to sort out details such as who pays for what.

When moving away, also remember to eat well and stay healthy. Make up a list of simple recipes for balanced and healthy foods which use the minimum of pots and pans and other equipment. Even if you cannot cook, you can open packets and cans and boil up some pasta to make something nutritious to eat. Mom can even make simple shopping lists of basic foods which are used in most meals, so that the cupboard is never bare.