Moving Day: What you Should be Doing on the Big Day

Moving can be hectic and stressful. You have planned the move, packed the boxes, made all the calls to the utility companies, checked and re-checked everything. Finally the big moving day has arrived. Now, what are you going to do while the actual move is going on?

Stay calm. The first and most important thing you should do is to stay calm. Stressing yourself out will not help and it will just make your move more tiring. Getting too anxious can even make yourself sick and that would really mess the move up. Most likely, everything that should have been done has been done.

Double check. During the morning of your move, you should double check that the boxes are clearly marked so that the movers will know what room the box goes into when you get to your new home. Do you have all your important papers gathered up and ready to go with you? Do you have your box or suitcase with things you will need while you are traveling and when you spend your first night in your new home? Take your time and just make sure you are ready.

Stay out of the movers way. While the long distance moving company is packing the truck, try to stay out of their way and let them work. In the beginning of the move, you should be around to answer any questions they may have, but don’t slow their progress. Make sure to keep the kids and the pets out of their way as well (consider having a picnic in the back yard or hiring a babysitter for the morning). You might want to offer the movers some refreshments when they are taking a break. Do double check that they have your new address correctly written down and give them your cell phone number, just in case they need to get in touch with you.

Get there safely. While you are actually in the process of getting from your old home to your new one, the only thing you need to be doing is to concentrate on getting there safely. If you are driving, take breaks. Remember to eat and drink plenty of water -especially for moves that take place during the summer. 

Check out the new place. When you arrive at your new home, first check to see if the utilities are on and if they aren’t, contact the utility companies immediately and get someone out there. While you wait for the moving companies to arrive, you might consider calling for some take-out food.

While the movers are bringing your belongings into the new place, again, be available to tell them where you want furniture put, this will save you having to move the furniture later. Hopefully each box is clearly marked so the movers will know what rooms to put them in, but be sure to be around should they have any questions about where your belongings should be placed.