What Questions Should You Ask Before Working with Your Mover?

By VanLines.com Staff

Having the right information about your movers is important. They are the people you trust with all of your belongings. Before they move your belongings, they will also ask you numerous questions to make sure they can handle the specifics pertaining to your move. Additionally, you will need to ask your potential moving company numerous questions so that you will know more about their services, history and company licenses. Here are some basic questions to ask before you use a moving company.

Licensing and Legal Matters.
The first thing that you need to know is whether your potential movers are legally entitled to actually move your belongings. Although almost all movers are licensed businesses, there are a few that haven’t renewed their licenses for quite a while. If your mover is such, you may lose your legal right to claim compensation if they damage your stuff. Simply verify this politely as a side question, “Are your licenses up-to-date?” You may also want to see this documentation.

Rates and Estimates.
Price is the next important thing. It’s true that the more expensive a mover is the better care they will take of your luggage. But there are several excellent moving services that would do the same job at a much lower rate. Ask your mover to provide you with a moving estimate for the whole job and any extra charges they may bill you in special circumstances. A good mover will always ask for an in-house inspection and will provide a near accurate estimate in an official document and indicate any special circumstances which may incur additional costs to you.

Delivery Schedule and Job Details.

The trick is to find the balance between quality and cost. A higher moving bill doesn't always mean the movers will do the best job. It is always helpful if your mover can provide an itemized estimate of the job. An itemized list will help you decide whether you want to do particular tasks like wrapping the furniture yourself, or would like to pay extra dollars and let the moving staff do it. The amount you are charged should also match the time the movers will take to complete the job. The job should be done quicker and on a higher priority basis if you are paying a higher bill.

Always remember to ask whether a mover will reimburse your money if they fail to meet a particular task. For example if your move is made in four days and you paid for a two-day job, the moving company should provide a check for the balance amount. Good companies that have to maintain a BBB reputation will always negotiate and refund your money.

Special Items.
Every household has items that need special care. These may be expensive paintings, a grand piano, other family heirlooms or expensive electronics. Ask your mover about how they will handle and pack these items and to what degree they can guarantee a safe transport. A good company will try to make arrangements at discounted rates. Others may politely decline due to the risk involved, this is also a good sign and hints to a trustworthy company. Apart from these questions, make a list of other important topics you may want to know about before you sign a contract with them. Always read the insurance contract carefully and ask for explanations of things you are unsure of.