How to Choose a Good Moving Company?

During moving you will hand over all of your belongings to a long distance moving company, which is why it is very important that you choose reliable and professional movers. When looking for movers, there may be some companies that boast about their speed, while others market on their ‘ultra-low rates,’ but unless you get your belongings to your house in good shape, speed and low cost doesn’t matter.

How do they act? Determining what moving company is reliable is determined by the way they treat you. When you start looking for movers, begin with companies that have a good reputation such as names you are familiar with. Don’t expect to find your mover the first time, but rather, research at least five moving companies who can handle your job. This will give you an idea of price points and services offered. A good company will always give you attention and will ask if they should come over for an in-house estimate. Companies that just ‘vaguely’ talk about moving rates and procedures without putting anything in writing should be avoided.

Ask for references. References are one of the most reliable sources of a movers’ credibility and performance. Customer references indicate that a company has valid feedback. No company is perfect; they will all have some negative points but those without any references may indicate a problem.

Do the rates seem too low? The first sign of a rogue mover is that they won’t be very keen on doing an in-house estimate. They’ll give you an estimate over the phone or the internet. Their rates will usually seem too good to be true. And that is exactly the truth. Ridiculously low rates are the first signs of a rogue company. The second sign is that the company will demand a huge deposit in advance or it will want payments in cash – a very unprofessional practice.

Bad companies are unclear in their rules and principles. Every good company will provide you with their company guidelines stating your rights and responsibilities and the insurance coverage they can offer you. Unprofessional companies seldom have a proper documentation of their principles.

What does their office look like? How an office looks matters the most of all. The condition of their offices, warehouse, vehicles and staff all point to how responsible a company is. Ask to visit or drop by - a good moving company will welcome you with and not shun you away.

Looking for movers can be challenging, but knowing what to look for and ask about will make your moving experience that much easier.