Don't Transport These Items When Moving


If you’re a busy person and don’t have time to move, it may be easier to hire a mover to help you pack up and move. However, moving yourself may save you money. Whichever option you choose, make sure these items don’t go into your moving boxes:

Irreplaceable and High Value Items:
When you move, you’ll have to consider the worst case scenario: Your moving boxes may get misplaced or damaged, and the items inside may be lost to you forever. That’s why you should always keep your most precious items with you at all times. These include jewelry and antiques that are irreplaceable, but also documents which will be difficult to replace, like birth certificates or marriage licenses. You especially don’t want to put financial documents (bank statements, tax returns and social security cards) as they may get lost and you could find yourself the victim of identity theft.

Perhaps this doesn’t have to be mentioned, but just in case, don’t put your pets in the moving vans! Moving vans and moving services are meant for your things, not live animals. There surely will be enough ventilation in their so they can breathe, nor will tanks and aquariums be secured inside (not that your professional mover will accept any of these.) So, make sure you get proper transportation for your furry, scaly, feathery (and whatever else) friends.

Perishable Food:

If you have things which will start to perish outside of a refrigerator, you should definitely get rid of these and don’t attempt to pack them in your moving boxes (unless you want a smelly surprise when you unpack your stuff.) Cold cuts, cheese, milk, fruits, vegetables and leftovers are some of the things you should eat or toss out instead of packing them away for a long ride in the moving van.

Here’s a tip: Try to use up your leftovers and perishables a few days before your move. Plan your meals around using them up, and stop buying these items at the supermarket. In fact, you may want to completely empty out your kitchen before you move, which will also save you on moving costs.

Liquid Cleaning Supplies:

Liquid cleaning supplies should be finished up and left behind before you move out. They may not even be safe in the trunk of your car, as you don’t want them spilling out into your personal items. Also, temperature changes can make the containers contract and expand, which can also cause your cleaning supplies to spill all over your furniture and other items. Glass containers may be ok, but make sure they’re sealed up tight and placed in a well-cushioned box to prevent breakage. Like your perishable food items, try to use these up or give them away to neighbors and friends before you leave.

Combustible Materials and Dangerous Goods:
Needless to say, transporting combustible chemical isn’t just dangerous, but it can be illegal as well. Aerosol cans, propane cans/tanks, kerosene, gasoline, paint and paint thinner – these are just some of the items which can cause an explosion under any number of circumstances. So, dispose of these items properly before the long distance moving companies arrive.