How to Pick a Great Contractor for Your Bathroom Project

Want stress? Remodel the bathroom. Going for a while without the comforts of a modern bathroom can put even the calmest family to the test. The guide to success?

Pick great contractors for the job! 

Does the contractor have what it takes?

Is the bathroom remodeling contractor licensed and insured? Check it out with your local licensing board, and ask for proof of insurance -- they should be able to produce it for you.

Ask for a schedule

Get a written schedule of the construction tasks the contractor will perform. This step will help avoid disagreements over how long it will take to finish the job.

When do they expect to be paid?

A contractor will ask for a certain percentage of the estimate up front, and then for payments as the job is completed. Make sure you know how much is expected, and when, and that it's in writing.

How do they handle disputes?

Put a dispute resolution clause into the contract. Disagreements during any bathroom remodeling job are the primary cause of pricey lawsuits, and inconvenient unfinished jobs.

Do they offer a warranty?

Make sure the work performed will be backed up by an expressed warranty. Any worthwhile contractor will want to make are happy, and that any repairs that need to be done are taken care of quickly.

How easy are changes?

Does the contractor bidding on your bathroom remodeling job have a change-order policy? If you change your mind about a part of the project well into the project plan, what is the policy for making those changes, and how will the contractor handle them?

Can they put you in touch with ex-clients?

Watch out for contractor who is not willing to give you at least three solid references. Ask for references, and check them all out before agreeing to sign a contract. Ask them what they liked and disliked about the contractor.

Interview at least three different contractors when taking bids on bathroom remodeling, and take notes during each contractor interview, using the notes later to help you choose the right candidate.

Finally -- and importantly -- remember to try to choose someone you get along with, as any home improvement can be a stressful time.

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