Inexpensive Bathroom Organization

Moving is not just about packing up your stuff and placing them in your home. It is about organizing and creating a new life and space for yourself. Very few people pay attention to how their bathroom looks. Perhaps because it is such a personal space, we never think to try to organize our bathrooms. However, well-organized bathroom can help you keep things in place and prevent things from getting too cluttered. You don’t need to completely overhaul your bathroom to make it look neater. Instead, try these bathroom organizational ideas for your home that are easy to do and easy on the pocket.

Baskets and Caddies:
If you have a closet or if you leave your things on the counter, one way to keep everything looking neat is to use baskets and other caddies to keep them together. You can put your bottles of lotions, soaps, shampoos and other items together in one caddy, and have a separate one for smaller items like makeup. That way, they don’t just stand there on the counter or in the closet mixed up together looking all jumbled up. Having all the same sized-items together not only looks nice, it also ensures you can find want you want in a jiffy. These types of caddies are inexpensive, but you can also use what you have around the house. Use empty gift boxes, old crates, baskets, trays and even shoe boxes if you’re really on a tight budget.

Consider Corner Shelves:
Corner shelves that you install yourself are not only cheap, but they can save a lot of space too. You can use it to store and organize a multitude of items, like extra toiletries, extra toilet paper, towels, linens, even your bathroom reading.

Unused Space – Under the Sink:
You may have some space you’re not thinking of – such as the area under your sink. We often overlook this place, but this is such an underused asset. You can place a lot of things in there, like cleaners, spare toilet paper, etc. You can add some shelving or drawers in there to help you maximize your space.

Drawer Organization:
Are you the type of person who just throws stuff into a drawer and forgets about it? Have you checked your drawer lately? If you’re afraid to look in there, then you probably should find a way to organize that mess. You can purchase some inexpensive dividers or organizers which can really make a difference. You can also make your own from boxes and cardboard. Take a box that fits in your drawer, like a shoe box or gift box. For 9 compartment dividers, cut 4 strips of cardboard – two to fit vertically and two to fit horizontally. Cut some notches and put the strips together and place them in the box – voila, instant organizers. Keeping your bathroom organized need not be expensive, not if you use some creativity and are willing to put in the work.