Basic Design Ideas for Your New Home

Congratulations on moving into your new home or apartment! As you are beginning to settle into your space; it's time to add some of your personal touches – which in turn – will truly make your house a home.

1. Analyze Your Space. Now that the moving company is long gone and all of the boxes are unpacked, look at your space objectively. Is it a big, small or odd shaped? Is your current furniture "working" for? Does it hinder or add value to your place. What are the walls, floors, ceiling and windows like? What changes do you want to make happen in the room?

2. Make a List. After this assessment, decide what changes are feasible – such as enhancing the space with color or changing your wallpaper, carpet or other flooring. Also, think about storage solutions and how you can maximize what you have regardless of how big or small your rooms are. Stores like Bed Bath and Beyond or IKEA have some amazing storage bins for under the bed or in the closest. These handy compartments can ease up clutter and show you that you actually have more to work with then you think.

3. Get Shopping. Now that you know, what you need and what you like, it's time to get shopping. Think outside of the box when revamping your home. Flea markets, garage sales and online resources are cheap ways to find odds and ends, knickknacks and vintage piece. Popular retailers such as Home Depot or Lowes are great places to find paint, wallpaper, etc to spruce up your home.

4. DIY. The do-it-yourself movement has never been hotter. Check out sites like Design Sponge and DIY Design Fanatic for ideas and step-by-step guides. The home improvement projects on these sites feature innovative ways to re-design pillows, enhance hardwood floors, design picture frames, lamps, etc.

We hope these basic rules gave you the kick start to enhance you home; with a little elbow grease and a lot of work you will soon discover a piece of yourself in your new home.