What You Need to Know About Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is a relatively new phenomenon that is rapidly gaining in popularity

In mobile storage, the mobile storage facility delivers a large container right to your home, and then you load it (or hire workers to load it for you).

When finished, the mobile storage company picks it up and delivers it to the company's storage facility, where you access it like you do normal storage.  You don't need to drive a big truck with this type of storage.

When you want your items back, the mobile storage company can either ship the container to your old house or a new house. You unload the container, and then the company comes and picks it up.

Other items to consider.
  • The storage container cannot remain at the home or office location indefinitely; in fact, most companies insist on the trailer being moved as soon as possible after it's loaded.

  • If you reside in a condo or apartment you may need an OK from your building to have a trailer parked outside for a period of time.

  • If you live on a steep hill you may not be able to use mobile storage.

  • Just like regular storage, rates will vary on location and even time of year.

  • Ask your insurance agent about coverage for your goods in storage.

Now some tips on packing the container:
  • Distribute weight evenly on all sides.

  • Pack the container according to weight of your items –heavier stuff on bottom, lighter items on top.

  • Use blankets, bubble packing and paper pads to protect your items from damage.

  • Pack heavy items (books for example) in smaller boxes rather than big ones to make it easier to move them in and out of the container.

  • Fill up boxes and make sure you shut them securely.

  • Use a plastic sheet, tarps or plywood to seal the container and protect your items from any water that might leak in.

  • To prevent stuff from shifting and breaking inside the container, pack the items as densely as possible together.

  • When not using your mobile container, lock it with a strong commercial-grade padlock.

  • As you pack your items, keep an inventory.