Car Insurance Tips for Young Drivers

Statistics show that male young drivers ages 25 and under belongs to high risk groups or those who often file insurance claims compared to other group of drivers. Not only they have the least experience driving on the road, they are also the most adventurous unlike older drivers. Most insurance companies are very much aware of these. As precautionary measures, some insurers require at least three years of driving experience before you can be quoted for a lower rate.

Don't lose hope yet if you're planning to get insurance for your car. Below are five simple tips on how to get best deals for your car insurance.

Maintain a good record

A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) conviction in your record is very expensive. You don't want getting this offense in your record. It can cost you at around $25 000 plus legal fees and additional fines. So if you plan to buy insurance, a DUI conviction can essentially affect and increase your insurance rate. This means, if you have an insurance premium of $800, if you committed and convicted of DUI for the first time, your base insurance can be raised or increased to thousands of dollars. But on the other hand, if you can keep your driving record clean, there is a great chance that you get the best rate for your insurance.

Stay in school and earn your points

Lots of car companies provide discounts for enrolled and full time high school or college students who can maintain an average rating. You may also want to take a safety driving course to avail of discounts or reduction of your license points. You may want to check with the National Safety Council to know where you can avail of state accredited programs that provides point reduction, car insurance discounts, retraining or remedial courses.

Be a good citizen

If you plan to buy car insurance, it is best that you prepare this early. You may want to volunteer in a nursing home, or join civic activities during summer. Some companies would offer special discounts for young drivers who actively participate in community activities. Most companies prefer less risky drivers.

You may want to pick the right type of car

If you imagine yourself driving a hot rod then you may want to reconsider your plan of buying a car insurance policy. For some companies, sports car, luxury vehicles, and high-performance cars are considered as high risk vehicles. They often charge higher rates for these types of vehicles. You may want to pick safer cars like, Toyota Camry and Mazda 3.

Secure the safety of your car

You may want to install additional security features on your car. Installing anti-lock brakes or automatic seat belts may just give you additional discounts. Cars that have higher security features and have high stability controls for drivers help young drivers while behind the wheels. These added security features in your car may be given extra considerations by the insurance company and may earn you some insurance rate discounts.