How to Find the Right Insurance Agent

Insurance is a very complex subject and to determine the options that you need can be very difficult. There are a number of insurance companies that each deal with different packages and policies - making it very difficult to choose the right insurance provider.

Choosing the right insurance agent is as important as choosing your dentist, doctor, lawyer or financial planner. Since their job is to reliably protect your life, assets and family we have some important points to keep in mind when choosing your insurance agent.

The most important thing is to know your agent personally. That way when, for example, you have a car accident, you’ll have someone to contact personally and not some answering machine behind a toll free number.

Knowing your agent personally will also make you judge how sincere they are in protecting your property. Some agents will talk at length about the different types of policies they have to offer and will give very little attention to understand your situation. Such agents are a definite no. Usually within a few minutes of conversation it can be easily determined whether an agent is interested in getting you the best deal, or only in his commission.

A good insurance agent will take time and attentively understand your asset details. They will then ask you questions about any previous or other current insurance coverage you have (through an employer for example). By reviewing insurance details from a number of companies, they will give you your options and clearly point out the advantages and disadvantages of each package.

Another important factor to determine a good insurance agent is whether or not he does regular reviews of your assets. Does your insurance agent regularly ask you if there has been any refinancing of your property, or if you have made any improvements to your property, bought a new car, had a new child? These are very important questions as the insurance policy needs to be changed as your situation changes.

Some people also ask if they should get a local agent or not. This primarily depends on your preference. If you prefer to have face-to-face meetings regularly, then you should choose a local agent so that each meeting is just a drive away. On the other hand, if you are fine with discussing over the phone or through email, then any insurance agent anywhere is the state will be fine.

The most important thing is whether your agent cares for you and takes you seriously. The best bet is to do your research and trust your gut reaction when working with an insurance company.