Vintage-inspired Bedroom Decorating

Perhaps it's all those camera phone apps or the hipsters moving into your neighborhood - whatever it is, vintage is in! The "vintage" look is really quite generic and wide and can mean several things - it can refer to the country cottage look, mod 60s inspired or even 50s "Mad Men" look. It's about bringing the past into the present, but giving it your own twist to make modern instead of dated. So, if you want to have your own vintage-inspired bedroom, here are some tips to help you.


Stencils have that DIY - handmade look and can be easy to do if you have the right materials. If you're crafty enough, you can make our own stencils but a trip to the home decorating store will suffice. Pick some vintage patterns like floral prints, paisley or swirly patterns, a painting sponge and some paint that you picked beforehand. You don't have to go stencil crazy all over the walls. If you want to practice first, try small things like a refurbished lamp or set of drawers, before you move on to the walls of your bedroom.


Getting that vintage look doesn't have to involve major renovations, Sometimes it's just a fresh coat of paint or changing your bed covers. Many stores carry vintage-inspired colors and prints. Retro fabrics are in, and you can buy these brand new or why not check out your parents' or grandparent's attics? Maybe you can upcycle some old bed sheets into pillow covers, or get that old quilt dry cleaned and refreshed so you can put it on top of your own bed.

Vintage Displays

Scour around yard sales and thrift stores for some authentic vintage pieces like lamps, candlesticks, vases or even picture frames. You can display these around your bedroom for a vintage feel.

If you do find some vintage frames, try to look for old pictures to put in them or try to find some art or old postcards you can display.


If you're feeling bold and want a definite change, then consider wallpaper. Today's more modern design goes for plain colored walls, and wallpapers a throwback to the days gone by. Pick some nice vintage inspired prints and colors, and you'll be surprised how it can really change a room.


If you're really handy, then you can make your own vintage furniture and items. If you love to sew of knit, why not make yourself your own set of vintage bedspreads or a cozy afghan? You can make your own furniture, such as bookcases or even your bedframe and do your own distressed style painting and finishing.