Home Décor Ideas for a Small Space

By VanLines.com
It’s a hard job after moving when you have to decorate a room that is only a few hundred square feet. Your bright ideas get cramped and you end up unhappy with your décor. Whether it’s a bedroom, an office or a studio, there are several really good ways to make it look spacious. By utilizing resources properly, you can convert the “suffocating small-box” into a relaxing, comfortable and fresh place.

Add Mirrors:
After the moving services companies have left, you should unpack your mirrors first. Mirrors are a great decorating tool. When used properly they give a spacious feeling to small spaces. This is very useful for entrance hallways and washrooms. However, using mirrors for space-enhancing effects in bedrooms requires a bit of hard work. Choose a frame that matches the surrounding furniture, the room theme and color scheme of the upholstery. Your mirror should blend into the room and make it look spacious. Good places for the mirror include wardrobe doors and wall corners.

Reduce clutter: Use efficient sizes:
In a small space, choosing the right sized furniture is important. The less furniture you’ll have, the more welcoming your room will be. With less wooden bulk, you will have more space for accessories and decoration items that will make your place look orderly and open. Coffee tables and low tables look nice in small places and give a spacious feel.

Use light colors:
There is a growing trend for using light colors in small rooms. The basic idea is to give a fresh feeling to the room. Dark and opaque colors make the room feel smaller, less airy and confined. Bright soothing colors bring an intimate and friendly feeling. Cool, light shades appear fresh in the summer morning and cozy during winter nights. Good shades include light blue, mint, peach and violet. It’s a good idea to experiment with patches before deciding on a final choice.

Coordinate furniture with wall color:
In a small space, coordination of room elements is extremely important. Even a single alien item can ruin the room décor. Deciding on the right color the first time is important because repainting your space isn’t easy. Do not experiment unless you have the time and money to afford to do so. Investing in a décor consultant is better than repainting your apartment to correct mistakes. A consultant will help by providing computer images of how well a color will go with your furniture. This will make you decide on the right color.

Use shelves and boxes:
A small space needs to be well-organized before the décor can do its magic. Even a little mess will scar your precious décor. Smart shelves and boxes are really good organizing tools. Keep your books, magazines and CDs organized. Place your stereo on the middle shelf to give a lively effect. CD racks also look very nice in small rooms. It is a tedious task to put everything back in its place especially when you are doing stuff like college studies or have a demanding job. Use small storage boxes to simply clear your work items and stationary. This is a very practical, time-saving solution. If it’s your first time in a small apartment, it may take time for you to get used to organizing stuff. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll see the convenience and low maintenance that your home needs. Small places are very practical and often more aesthetic than larger apartments.