7 Tips to Hit it Big in Your Small Space

When downsizing from one place to an even smaller space, there’s a lot of preparation that needs to take place. Whether it’s getting rid of old stuff or purchasing new items, the changes are always manageable. And once the moving companies leave, it's time to really roll up your sleeves and get to work. These home improvement projects can really make the most of your small space, as well allow you to explore change in your new space.

1. Think Outside the Box. Prior to moving in, measure and visually understand the space that you’ll be living in. Take pictures and walk through—step-by-step—each room and closet space. This way you’ll have a sense of what to bring along with you, purchase and how to properly decorate your new home. You’ll be surprised with the ideas that come up while doing this exercise!

2. Leave the Baggage Home. Consider the furniture pieces and items that you really want to take with you. Remember to think small and keep the actual space in mind. Do you really need the complete bedroom set? If you really think about it, your bed and a small table will probably do the trick. Large tables and bookcases, for example, are all pieces that could be downsized. Donate and get rid of the things that you could do without, and get ready for the next step!

3. Start Fresh. If there ever was a time to purchase new things and start over, now is the time! Think of furniture that serves a double purpose, such as a dinner table and desk. Also, consider purchasing a transformer sofa bed that does both jobs well: they are comfortable to sit on and sleep without getting in the way during the day. These days, even large pieces, such as a piano, could be hidden away with minimal effort. Just don’t get carried away! Get a couple of items to start your new place off, and see where it takes you.

4. Get Over the Hang Ups. Use your wall and close space wisely. Walls are no longer just to hold up beautiful pictures and paintings. Get creative with it! Put up a couple of nails and hang up that bicycle. Shelves, in particular, are great for those mugs, pots, vase, electronic gadgets, trophies, etc. If it’s small and visible, then it’s got a home. With a little creativity and proper organizing, this bit of renovation could be done with style and grace.

5. Storage Boxes and Other Handy Items. Whether they’re under the bed, inside the closets or kitchen cupboards, boxes and storage bins work great for many reasons. You can purchase them in different sizes, colors and patterns to match each room’s style. Also, try regular household items, such as a milk carton or rectangular tissues boxes, to store smaller objects. You can also embrace your inner-child by decorating these with magazine pictures, old photographs, buttons and maybe some glitter as well.

6. Colors and Decorating Schemes. You’ll be surprised by how far a great painting job will enhance your space. Light colors are great for small spaces, because they enhance and brighten the area. Mirrors are also great to amplify the space. If you’re fortunate enough to have a large window, then use that to your advantage and let the natural light enter your space. Large windows take the attention to away from your small place and into the open instead.

7. Follow the Hardwood Floor Road. We often forget to consider how we walk around the new space and how the shift of one object could transform a room. Once you’re comfortable with your new setting, take several walks around and notice instances where you’re bothered by something. Do this several times and notice the small, subtle changes you can make.