Top 5 Basic DIY Projects for Your Home

A little change can do you good, which can also be applied to the state of your home. Whether you just moved or have lived in your home for awhile, do-it-yourself or DIY projects are a great way to freshen up your property or as a way to fix and repair any existing damage. These home remodeling projects are also a great way to take control of your most valuable investment while creating a more luxurious environment for your family on a tight budget. And all it takes is a bit of elbow grease and some good DIY basic know how. Here are our top 5 DIY home improvement projects that you can get started on today!

1. Painting:
Painting your home is one of the most common home improvement projects, and for good reason. No other project can make such a large impact on your space for such a small investment in time and money. Whether you choose to paint your exterior or interior, make sure you start out with a plan. Choose your colors within the theme or style of your home, and make sure your colors flow well from space to space. Learn about color combinations and values before you choose your colors. And remember the most important tip for painting your home; preparation is everything.

2. Installing New Sinks and Fixtures:
You can quickly increase the value of your home by replacing sinks and plumbing fixtures with modern, updated choices. With basic tools you can disconnect the water supply and plumbing, replace the sink and faucet, and reconnect your water supply in a short time. You may want a helper for this job, so one person can be adjusting the plumbing while the other manages placement of the sink or faucet. Try to coordinate a look throughout your home with the same design, style and finish.

3. Changing out Accessories:
Changing out home accessories such as doorknobs, hinges and cabinet pulls throughout a home is an easy DIY project for any beginner. Usually the only tool required would be a screwdriver. Changing out these details in each room can take the space from drab to fab in an hour!

4. Updating Kitchen Cabinets:
The most important space in any home is, of course, the kitchen. The kitchen remodel is the most often remodeled home in the room, and the kitchen design affects the resale value of any home. However, one of the most dramatic improvements a DIYer can make in the kitchen is also one of the least complicated. Provided your cabinets are sturdy and sound, refinishing them can save you thousands of dollars, and add instant appeal. You can paint the surfaces, add molding, or use an antique finish to give your existing cabinets a one of a kind feel. While time consuming and a lot of good old fashioned work, refinishing kitchen cabinets can be well worth the effort.

5. Installing Flooring:
Installing flooring is perhaps the most difficult of the basic DIY home improvement projects, but easy enough to learn. With today’s wood laminate flooring, ceramic tiles and snap flooring systems, any DIYer can get this done in a weekend, with help from a good natured friend. Consider taking a free class at a local home improvement center to learn the techniques and tools necessary. However, it is not often recommended that wall to wall carpet installation be considered a DIY project.

Once you obtain basic DIY project skills, you can tackle some more complicated projects, but be careful that you don't make these DIY mistakes.

While projects involving light fixtures can seem fairly straight forward, I always recommend leaving electrical projects to a professional contractor. A licensed electrician can make sure your new ceiling fan, chandelier or sconces are installed correctly, and more importantly, safely.

Most homeowners can drastically change the appearance and value of their home once they learn some basic DIY project instructions. Make sure you take the time to plan, review and learn about your project before getting started, and you are sure to be rewarded with the home of your dreams, not of your nightmares.

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