Steering Toward the Best Auto Shipper

Moving a car is pretty straightforward, and it's relatively easy to find companies to do it for you. The hard part is finding the best company to do the shipping.

Step 1: Do some research.
First off, seek out the names of auto shippers from sources such as your local newspaper, phone book or the Internet. You can even ask friends or colleagues if they have any suggestions if they've shipped a car before.

Don't forget another valuable source: your moving company. Moving companies are known for offering recommendations because they generally have partnerships with various transporting businesses and have a vested interest in making sure you get a quality shipper. can also help you locate an auto transport company that offers you quality service. Submit a request for a quote, and auto shippers will contact you with prices and information.

Still can't find the one? If you are having difficulty finding an auto shipper in your area, don't worry. Auto transport companies usually have various terminals in different states. This way, you can pick up and drop off your vehicles without traveling long distances.
Whatever companies you investigate, ask the Better Business Bureau about any possible complaints made against the auto transporter you have selected.

Step 2: Compare service and prices.
Make sure the necessary route for pickup or delivery can be accessed by the truck. Shipping carriers usually have difficulty maneuvering down narrow streets or neighborhoods. Always consider large, nearby parking lots as alternative location for pick-up or delivery.

After finding a few quality companies, do not rush to decide on a car transporter. Shop around for prices and remember that quality of service should always override price. If the offer seems too good to be true, it most likely is, so don't jump at the first low-ball offer. Reduce the hassle of future complications by investigating different companies and requesting referrals.

Step 3: Shipping the car.
Always review the bill of lading with your driver to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions for transport.

According to the law, leaving items inside your vehicle during transport is not permitted. Only items necessary for your vehicle to function, such as spare tires or jacks, are allowed. If you do leave belongings in the trunk or elsewhere and they become damaged, your insurance will most likely not offer coverage.

Auto shipping companies generally use agents to ship vehicles. Ask whether your car transporter is using an agent. If so, ask to see the "certificate of insurance" to ensure that your car will be covered and that the coverage is reasonable.

If you wish to request additional insurance, you must specify that before signing the contract.