's Guide to Finding and Selecting Auto Vendors

Congratulations on your decision to use an auto transportation company. Now comes the challenging part: actually finding professional auto shippers that can meet your moving needs as well as those that you trust. Follow and our auto shipper guide to find and select the right auto vendor for your next move.

  • Advertisements.
    You can find vehicle transport companies advertised in many different places such as your local papers, phone book and of course the internet. is committed to working with professionals and experienced car movers. Simply request a quote and a qualified car shipper will contact you in a few hours.

  • References.
    You can also get references from friends or colleagues and this is an excellent way of finding a reputable auto shipper especially if they have first hand experience of the company themselves. It is a good idea to ask your moving company if they have recommendations as they will often have companies they have partnerships with and you may be able to get a discount by using one of their preferred vendors.

  • Research and Investigate.
    Do your own investigation of the companies you are looking at to transport your vehicle. It is also important to check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there have been complaints against any auto shipper you choose and how these complaints were resolved.

  • Think Outside of Your Area.
    Do not be concerned if you cannot find an auto shipper in your local area. Auto transport companies will generally have contract carriers, terminals or routes that go through your local area and your vehicle can be dropped off and collected at these locations.

  • Consider Using a Moving Company.
    Another option is ship through a moving company. Shop around and do not use a company just because the price is the lowest. If you think the price is too good to be true it probably is. Good service is critical to a successful move. Your car may be shipped in the same truck as your household goods. This can be a very convenient option however there are some things to look out for. Ask whether the movers are insured to carry your vehicle and for how much is the coverage. If your car is to be stored prior to shipping, ask to see the premises. It's your car and you are entitled to know where it is going to be stored.

  • Many auto shipping companies use agents to ship vehicles.
    Ask the company you are working with if they plan to do this and if the answer is "yes", tell them you need to see the "certificate of insurance" of the agent. Check that the coverage is satisfactory and that the certificate is current. You should always ask to see the insurance certificate no matter who is transporting your car. You need to be comfortable that your car is covered and that the coverage is adequate.

  • Consider insurance.
    You may also need to request supplemental insurance as many companies specifically exclude some items such as loss or damage to personal items left in the vehicle, road damage and glass breakage. In 1990 the Department of Transportation ruled that no personal items be left in a vehicle to be shipped.

  • Brokers are another way to go.
    Brokers can also arrange to ship vehicles, however, they do not own any carriers or flatbed trailers themselves and depend on the actual carriers they contract to provide insurance. You will need to see the certificate of insurance of the actual carrier in this case.