Be Sure to Ask These Questions Before You Ship Your Car

When people move with cars there is often the issue of how to get their car to their new home if they are unable to drive it themselves. One reliable solution is to use an auto shipping vendor. Just like a moving company, an auto shipper will load up your belongings, in this case your car, and bring it safely to your new home. Using this type of service you will also have to do your homework and conduct extensive research about three to five auto shippers such as their pricing, services, licenses and company history. When they pass this basic criteria pass you should then meet with auto movers in person where they can assess your car and you can ask them additional questions. has uncovered some of the most frequently asked questions in order to determine if they are the right company to move your car.

1. What Will This Cost Me? One of the most important questions will be about the price and what services they offer. They should be able to give you an accurate estimate based on the distance of your shipment, the model and year of your car and your vehicle inspection paperwork. Don't use the first car shipping vendor that you meet with, but rather, meet with two to three car shipping vendors in order to compare rates, professionalism and services offered.

2. What Insurance Plans Do You Offer? Auto insurance is essential when shipping a car -- that will either be primary or secondary coverage. Coverage depends on the provider but it will generally cover damages and loss or theft that may occur to your car while it is in transport.

3. What Services Will You Provide Me? As you are meeting with a potential auto shipping vendor, ask about what model cars they usually manage, examples of past jobs and what other cars will be in transit with your car. Also, ask them how the car move will take and when your car is expected back as well as if there is anything you need to do to your car to get it prepared for shipment. Double check your delivery times and provide accurate phone number where your car shipping company can always reach you as well as numbers for how you can reach them.

4. What If….XYZ Happens? Accidents due occur on the road - so it's important to know what actions your auto shipper will take in every worst case scenario. Ask them everything from what would they would in case an accident occurs or if your car gets damaged on the road and if they have experiences dealing with these issues. Also, ask them who they call - insurance, police, you, etc.