Your Car Shipping Checklist

When you decide to ship your car, it is important to stay organized and ensure that you have sufficient paperwork and documentation as well as a list of what needs to be completed. is here to help you with our checklist of what you consider when you move your car.

1. The inspection. Before you decide on a professional auto shipper to transport your car, you will need to have your car inspected and pass a pre-transport. During the inspection, your car will be observed for any leaks or damage -- specifically to inspect that your car is in good condition and won't affect the other cars in transit. The inspection also documents the condition, make, model and year of your car, so if damage does occur on the road, there is a record whose responsibility is placed on the car shipping company.

2. Paperwork. Any auto vendors that you decide to work with will require that you have the proper paperwork before they can load your car on their truck. In addition to the inspection paperwork, you will need auto insurance, and in some instances, legal documents that permit your car to cross state or country lines.

3. Make sure it's clean. When moving you car, make sure that all of your personal belongings are removed and that the car is clean. Since the cost of moving a car is based on weigh, these extra items will only increase the weight of your move and the are most likely not covered through insurance. A few days before shipping, clean out your car and toss any items that you don’t need. This mini-cleaning is also a great to start fresh in your new town since cars are infamous for doubling up as a make-shift storage facility.

4. Look around for insurance. Insurance is not only necessary for your health, your house and moving, but it is also vital when transporting a car. Consider the reason: your car will be on a shared truck with over 10 cars -- meaning there is always the possibility that an accident can occur. The right auto insurance policy will cover any damages or any accidents that go beyond the car shipping vendors plan.

5. Ask questions. As you are cleaning your car and obtaining the proper paperwork, there is the question of what auto transport company will you use. Meet with at least three car vendors in person where you can ask them questions about their pricing and rates, services and delivery times. You should also ask about who the supervisor/driver is that will be handling your car, how they deal with accidents, and their company history. Just like with a moving company, advises you compare your answers in order to make the best decision.