Moving on a Budget: Tips to Save Money


Moving can be expensive, as there’s so many things to consider, like packing, boxes, moving trucks etc. Is it even possible for your to save money during a move? Try these money saving tips for your move.

Get Rid of Excess Things.
You probably have accumulated many things over the years, so perhaps now it’s the time to get rid of those things you don’t need or haven’t used.

Most likely, you have more clothes than you actually wear, so start with your closet. Clean it out and get rid of things that don’t fit or you haven’t worn for a year. Next, clean out your attic or garage. There’s probably a lot of thing in there that you don’t need, and moving them will just cost you money. If you have anything around your home that will be cheaper to get new rather than transport, like old furniture, then get rid of them. You can have a garage sale or give all these things to Goodwill. You can use the money towards your move.

Pack and Unpack Yourself.

Many movers will offer you packing and unpacking services, which may seem like a good deal. But, why pay for something you can do yourself. To save yourself some cash, try to do all the packing yourself. Just make sure you ask your moving company if they have any particular guidelines when it comes packing and moving boxes, or they may refuse to move your things which are shoddily packed or do not meet their standards.

Use Recycled Boxes.

For your things that are non-breakable, you may want to use old boxes. Start collecting them a few weeks before your move, or check with your local shops or supermarkets for boxes they’re glad to get rid of. You can put in things like books, towels, utensils, etc that won’t easily break, rather than buying brand new boxes which you’ll just throw away when you unpack. If you need something a little sturdier than old boxes, try to rent plastic crates, which are stronger and better for your breakables. Instead of buying packing material, use old newspapers or even your sheets and towels as cushioning.

Move Yourself.
There are also many options to do the move yourself. You can rent a truck yourself and do all your moving by yourself. Better yet, borrow a truck from a friend, that way all you need to pay for is gas (and maybe a pizza or two and beer if you can get your friends to help you move.)

Legal Moves.
If you’re moving because of work, negotiate a moving package with your company to cover part or all of your moves. You should be entitled to some sort of compensation if your company forces you to relocated to another area. If you do pay for your own move, don’t forget to deduct it from your taxes. That way you can fully get the benefits of moving.