How to Cut Down on Moving Costs


Moving costs can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Sure, complete moving services with packing and long distance mileage will of course be very expensive. On the other hand, moving by yourself will save you a lot of money but will eat up too much of your time. How you cut down on moving costs will depend on your budget limit and the extra personal time you’re willing to give.

You can rack up the most cost from packing and hauling (moving truck and fuel), whether or not you hire the services of a moving company. If you’re planning to cut down on moving costs here are some tips:

  1. The best rule to moving is to plan ahead – way ahead. A well-planned move is a well-budgeted one. This way you know exactly how much you need to move, how much budget you can set aside, and what services you can do without or do yourself.
  2. The first thing you should do is to do a ‘moving survey’ of your new place. Plan this at least a month before you move. Make a diagram of the house, noting built-in shelves, cupboards and cabinets. Then plan out where you intend to put your existing furniture. If the plan tells you that there’s really no space left for that extra sofa, consider selling it. Likewise, built-in shelves and cupboards might cancel out the need for you to bring some of your old ones. That’s a lot of space and weight saved during hauling!
  3. Planning ahead also helps you prepare a well-thought out moving budget. Get an idea of how much different long distance moving companies cost, and get a rough estimate of how many boxes you’ll actually be moving. This will help you decide whether you think you can handle self-moving or to hire movers. And, if you decide to hire movers, you’ll also have a clear idea what additional services you think you can do without, as well as what insurance you need and don’t need, saving you substantial amounts.
  4. Get rid of all your junk. Think about it: if you or your family are the type who tend to collect clutter, then this is the best time to get rid of it and start anew in a clutter-free home. Besides, you probably don’t need half (or all!) of the things you haven’t used in five years. Give them to charity, to friends who might want them, or organize a garage sale. This translates to savings both in packing costs as well as hauling.
  5. Use old moving boxes for packing. Mover’s boxes cost money. The savings derive from using recycled boxes are considerable, and you help the environment, too. The cheapest way to go about this is to visit your nearest recycling center and get hold of those cardboard boxes. It’s best if you have a rough idea of how much you’ll need, and then get a few extra, to save you another trip back.
  6. For hauling, if you opt for a self move renting a truck is a must as you can move everything in one trip, saving fuel. If you plan to hire movers, make sure to scout around not just for the cheapest ones, but also the best ones. Hiring a reputable mover not only gives you a worry-free move, and you also know that your belongings are in good hands.
Saving money during your move is wise and practical. But remember, don’t do it at the expense of your peace of mind!