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America's Movers Inc.

Americas Movers Inc. is a South Florida based moving company that’s family owned and operated, we specialize in local, residential, commercial,...

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Maya Van Lines Inc.

Alpharetta Georgia moving companies, We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Your belongings and household goods will be treated with care, and consideration. All your...

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Formula Moving Co. LLC

With over 17 years of experience, we are passionate in providing exceptional service. We vow to deliver on our promise to our customers.

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Heritage Moving & Storage

The professionals at Heritage Moving and Storage are here for you. We are a full-service moving company you can trust with your next move.

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JK Moving & Storage, Inc.

Alpharetta GA, JK Moving is an entrepreneurial success story that started almost 40 years ago. We have become a global leader in the relocation and logistics space,...

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Beltmann Relocation Group

Beltmann Relocation Group is one of the oldest and largest agent for North American Van Lines. Our experienced staff and commitment to customer...

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United Van Lines

With United, moving is simple — Whether you are moving across the country or just across state lines, we put our customers first. By integrating the...

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Jacob and Sons Moving & Storage

Our story began a few years ago as a small business with a strong emphasis in community service. Over time, our business grew and now we are one of...

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City Line Movers Corp

Movers Alpharetta GA, Time is important to City Line Movers. We understand that you may have a time-sensitive move and will do everything in our power to make sure your...

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Supreme Relocation Systems LLC

We believe that what is missing in the moving industry is a personal approach to all relocations. You are not just a number here, you are a valued...

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Mover's Van Lines Inc.

Alpharetta Georgia moving quotes, Mover's Van lines is a fully licensed and insured moving & storage Company. With our impeccable reputation and years of service, Mover's Van lines is...

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Blvd Moving

Our mission is to deliver superior customer service and to provide the highest level of quality workmanship for the physical movement of goods. We...

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Amar Express Van Lines Inc.

We are a team of professional moving company offering the complete range of moving services that you need. Right from the initial stages of packing,...

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Hercules Movers & Packers Inc.

Alpharetta GA, Our mission is to be the best at what we do. To bring the highest quality of moving services. Zero damages during the move and no hidden fees. Most...

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Midtown Moving LLC

Every Moving company has the same slogan, to give you a “Stress-Free” Move. While that is our goal too, we like to go above and beyond that....

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The perfect blend of hometown charm and big-city sophistication-just minutes from the North Georgia Mountains while still easily accessible to Atlanta, Alpharetta offers residents the best of both worlds. Alpharetta, Georgia has high expectations for itself. Those moving to Alphretta will discover a thriving culinary scene, luxury accommodations, exciting recreation, trendy entertainment and endless shopping opportunities.

On December 11, 1857, Alpharetta was legally chartered. Prior to July of that year, the town was known as the "Town of Milton." By the time of the Civil War, Alpharetta had grown to a fair sized town with three hotels, several mercantile shops, numerous churches and a school. The farms around the area were for the most part small family farms and the majority of the farmers were not slave owners. In 1863, an epidemic of smallpox spread through town. In one instance, 16 cases of the disease were recorded in two families alone. Guards were hired to keep people from leaving their quarantine and thereby spreading the sickness further. As the Civil War drew to a close, Alpharetta, along with the rest of the South, suffered a period of economic hardship. However, as hard as these times were, Milton County faired better than many areas. Since primarily small farms and merchants populated the area, the collapse of the "Plantation" economy had nowhere near the impact as in other communities. In the next decades, growth in Milton County was steady, but never spectacular. The area was hampered by the lack of a railroad, around which most growth in those times was centered. When the depression of the early 1930s devastated the nation's economy, Milton County found itself near bankruptcy. In order to save the area from disaster, it was decided that a merger of Milton County with Fulton County would be to everyone's advantage. It was because of this merger that the first roads began to be paved.

Today, Alpharetta is one of the fastest growing communities in the South. Its environment is considered ideal for raising families and living a quality lifestyle free from the problems found in so many similar sized cities.

More than 3,600 businesses currently enjoy the Alpharetta advantage. The city's businesses employ in excess of 120,000 people, more than three times the city's total population. The vast majority of these jobs have been created since the opening of North Point Mall in 1993; in fact, almost 70,000 jobs were created in the past five years alone. That is quite an impressive record for what was, in 1980, just a sleepy little town of 3,000 people. In recent years, Alpharetta has been catapulted into the national spotlight by publications such as USA Today and Yahoo! Internet Life as one of the leading locations for technology-focused businesses. In the heart of the largest fiber-linked network in the United States; just minutes away from one of the world's busiest airports, Atlanta Hartsfield International; and providing easy access to cutting-edge research universities, Alpharetta is the ideal location for companies on the forefront of the modern economy. From large to small, from entrepreneur to established global corporation, businesses of every shape and size are discovering the Alpharetta advantage. The city's quaint downtown and executive neighborhoods invite, our corporate centers and plush amenities excite, and the Alpharetta Team is ready to help you realize your business potential.

The Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center is located in Alpharetta. This 46-acre forest has an abundance of animal life and a scenic creek. There are 1.5 miles of walking trails, picnic areas and historic sites for visitors to enjoy. The Environmental Education Center is located in Alpharetta. Next, for the shopper, head over to North Point Mall. Located just off GA 400 between exits 8 and 9 lies the area's newest mall with over 1.3 million square feet inside and many retail and dining spots along North Point Parkway. Two movie theatre complexes and an ice and roller skating facility provide entertainment options near the Mall. Finally, Alpharetta's award-winning parks and recreational facilities have been honored at both the state and national level. And you can't miss the particularly popular Big Creek Greenway, a 6.1-mile, 12 foot wide concrete path that meanders through heavily wooded wetlands and provides a trail for walkers, joggers, in-line skaters, and bike riders to enjoy.

  • White Columns Golf Club is ranked 17th among the top 100 public golf courses by Golf Magazine.
  • Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre has been named the Best New Major Concert Venue and Best Major Outdoor Concert Venue.
  • The city's slogan is "Enjoy, Experience, Explore; Everything's Possible!"

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