Address:  301 22nd St., Bellaire Beach, Florida, 33786

US DOT License - 2951960
Intrastate License - IM2726
MC License - 14801

Description:  In 2016, Josh and Brooke Anderson used a well-known moving company for a local move. The movers arrived hours late without communication and were exhausted from the prior move resulting in a much higher bill. Upon completion, the couple investigated their furniture and found scratches all over their belongings. How could such an expensive service come with so much negligence? The couple realized an honest, careful, and diligent boutique moving company would be a huge business opportunity in the marketplace... hence, the vision for Big Man's Moving Company was born! January 2017, Josh and Brooke collectively decided to pursue their dream- owning a family business, using wedding gifts to partially fund their first 26′ truck. At 6'8, Josh is anything, but small- and consequently, Brooke nicknamed him "Big Man.