What to Expect from Your International Moving Company

Moving internationally can be tough. Even if you have moved before there are different regulations, work permissions, passports and visas required -- this of course is in addition to locating an international moving company, obtaining boxes and packing. But choosing the right international mover will make your international moving experience easier not to mention more organized.

Find an international moving company. The success of your moving experience begins by choosing a professional moving company. These industry professionals will not only handle your belongings, but they will also help you to figure out what the requirements you need to live and enter into your new country, which can prevent problems for you when you arrive in your new country.

You will want to do a lot of research on the international moving company such as checking their licenses, Better Business Bureau rating and DOT numbers. Also verify their ability to handle all of your moving details such as obtaining boxes and packing. From your research, get three to five quotes from licensed, professional companies that have handled moves to your new country. You should also ask them for recommendations from former customers that can back up their claims.

Ask about insurance. Since you will be moving your worldly possessions overseas, movers should have an insurance plan; however keep in mind that your cost per pound will be considerably higher than a local or long distance domestic move. In this case, you may want to consider an extended policy that covers more of your belongings, as well as your valuables. The moving company must also supply certified documents as to the contents of your container and complete inventories documents for each item.

Ask them about their experiences. The international moving company that you work with should not only be professional but experienced and have good relationships in the industry. Verify whether a prospective international moving company has any recent experience with moves to a particular country and/or region of the world where you are relocating. This prior experience and its answers to your questions about how your move will be handled will help you gauge your chosen moving company's capabilities to handle your move. Also ask them about worst case scenarios and how they have handled tough moving day situations.

They will help you pack. Since you will most likely have to pack your entire household, enlisting help from an international mover will really help with the success of your move. In most countries, you will not be able to ship your belongings into the country unless it is packed a certain way, since movers must adhere to a strict list of prohibited items, as well as a long set of rules about how your items are inventoried.

Coordination of your move. Since there are so many levels of coordination involved, begin planning several months before your actual moving date. Your international move will also help you to get the paperwork in and ensure that all of your arrangements are in order.

What to Expect During Your International Move:
• A mover will come to your home and load your items to take it to the appropriate port.

• From there, a freight forwarding company will handle your boxes that will be shipped to the port closest to your new country.

• Once your items arrive at your international port, another moving company will pick up your items to be cleared through customs.

• When your belongings are set to enter customs, a local moving company in your new country will deliver your boxes to your new home and handle the unpacking and unloading, if hired to do so.

As you can see, moving internationally can be an expensive moving experience given the number of parties involved and the distance that your goods will be travel. Make sure to prepare and prepare early by doing your research and giving yourself enough time to plan and get organized. This all starts by choosing the best mover - and before you know it you'll be in enjoying your new life in your new country.