International Moving: All About Customs

If you have traveled outside the country then the word “customs” probably has you thinking of long lines and ornery airport staff. Customs can become even more complicated when you are moving an entire household worth of items overseas. As you would expect, there will be restrictions on the type and quantity of goods you can bring into the new country.

Given the complexity of rules and regulations across different countries, we highly recommend that you consider using professional movers to both pack and transport your household belongings. A professional international moving company will be aware of the rules and regulations for your destination country and will know the best way to pack valuables for a long distance trip that could very likely include moving trucks, trains, ships and even planes. You should ask your moving company if there are any specific documents that will be needed in your destination country. These documents could include titles, bills of sale or insurance certificates.

You should probably be prepared to part ways with your favorite plants. Many agricultural products are prohibited from entering a new country because they may contain diseases or insects that pose a risk to the new country’s ecosystem. The items that you are allowed to import will vary from country to country and you should contact the particular’s country’s local embassy for a list of these items. You can also contact the local embassy for any other question on customs and specific requirements. Nearly every embassy has created their own website, which provides a host of helpful information for people considering a visit or a relocation to their country. Taking the time to research, ask questions and get organized before your international move will make the world of a difference on moving day.