Science of Storage Renting

By Staff

You've just moved into your new home or apartment, but as you are unpacking you realize that you don’t have enough storage space for all your belongings. Or perhaps there are some valuables that you treasure but would rather they were somewhere protected. No need to fret, a simple and secure solution is to place your items in a local storage facility. Here's what to look for when seeking a unit:

First, make a list of the items in your home that you would like to place in storage and what kind of unit you need. The storage unit you need for your gardening equipment isn’t the same as the one you need to store a dining room table. For items such as furs, furniture and books you’ll want a climate-controlled unit. You can begin by asking family, friends and coworkers of their experiences—both good and bad—with storage units. You can also locate a reputable storage unit online. Be sure to find one that is convenient to your home or office, so you can add and remove items easily.

Once you establish a list, be sure to visit and inspect the facilities. Make sure they have smoke detectors and sprinklers. This can be important in climate controlled facilities, where the units are located in enclosed buildings where fire can spread to multiple units more quickly. You’ll also want to check the size of the available units and the prices, as well as asking questions. Anything from staffing to security is imporant-your items will be in their hands, so no question is off the table.

Once you have selected the facility you’d like to use, you’ll need to sign an agreement with them. You will be responsible for the items in your storage space so you’ll need to provide your own lock for the unit. You’ll need to know the hours of operation. Some facilities have limited hours and others have 24/7 access so select one that meets your availability. Also, you’ll want to look into insurance for the items your storing. Sometimes storage can be included on your renters insurance or you can get a multi-policy discount. Before moving your items in, you may want to clean the unit out, depending on the items you’re storing.

After you’ve rented your storage unit, you’re ready to move your things. Check with the facility to see if they have special agreements with moving companies or rental companies to get discounted rates. Be sure that you store your property correctly so you don’t damage it. You’ll also want to cover furniture and place breakable items in boxes, securely taped and labeled.

While renting in a facility, be sure that they allow you to add or remove items at your will. You never know when you may need something in your unit or want to add more items.