What is Mobile Storage?

"Portable" or "Mobile" storage is a flexible option which can accommodate a wide variety of moving and storage needs. While mobile storage is relatively new, it has become widely accepted and a very popular way for many consumers and business to meet their short and long-term storage needs.

With this new take on traditional self-storage, you can choose the size of the portable storage unit that you need and then the mobile storage provider drives the weather-proof container to your property, drops it off, and leaves it with you.

Common Uses of Mobile Storage

  • Decluttering - Whether you are preparing to sell your home, having guests for an extended stay or just making time for some spring cleanings, mobile storage units can provide a great way to temporarily store non-essential items. Some Realtors will recommend a mobile storage unit when staging a home for sale to help make the home more presentable and spacious to prospective buyers.

  • Home remodeling – Mobile storage provides a flexible way to create some much needed additional space for home projects such as painting, new floors and other space intensive projects.

  • Organizing your New Home – Upon arriving in a new home, it is often necessary to complete certain projects and do some rearranging before deciding on where you want all of your personal items. Mobile storage provides a convenient way to keep you items on your property while you prepare your new home.

  • Record Retention/Business Storage - Mobile storage can be a great help to businesses by providing a place for storage of business records or overflow equipment and inventory. The container can be stored on your business premises or taken to an offsite warehouse. If needed, some mobile storage providers can make climate controlled warehouse space available.

How does Mobile Storage Work?

Once you have decided that mobile storage is right for you, you will set up a time for the mobile storage provider to drop off the mobile storage container at your designated location. You can arrange the amount of time that you need to have the container at this location in order to provide you with ample time to pack the container. You will then schedule a time for the container to be retrieved and transported to your chosen destination, which could be a storage facility maintained by your mobile storage provider.

Some companies will allow the customer to keep the unit for a longer period of time, charging you a monthly rental fee similar to the way you would pay for storage in a traditional self-storage facility. Ask you mobile storage provider about special rates if you plan to rent the unit for an extended period of time as many will provide discounts for longer rental periods. You can use the portable storage unit for short or long-term storage on your current property or use the container to help you facilitate your move. You should check local zoning ordinances or community or housing association rules prior to arranging a mobile storage unit on your property for an extended time.

Using Mobile Storage for your Move

If you are using the mobile storage container for your move, the mobile storage provider will come to your house at a prearranged time and date. You will load your container with the items that you want to have stored or moved and your mobile storage provider will drive it to their warehouse or to your designated moving destination. The companies that provide this innovative method of storing and transporting your belongings have a variety of different services and product offerings with respect to the time that you can rent the container and how far the container can be transported. Some of the mobile storage companies will even help arrange a packing service for you and can take care of transporting your container over long-distances (even cross country), ultimately providing you with a full-service, end to end moving solution.

Next Steps

Mobile storage may provide a convenient solution to a variety of storage needs, such as: seasonal furniture storage, home remodeling, temporary relocation, equipment storage, business supplies and much more. We encourage you to ask your prospective mobile storage provider how they can satisfy your specific business or personal moving and storage needs. Use our simple form to receive multiple quotes for mobile storage in your area. The mobile storage companies will listen to your storage needs and try to best match their products to fit your situation.

For some helpful hints on packing your mobile container view our Mobile Storage Container Packing Tips.

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