Moving Wine Glasses: Tips and Tricks


Moving breakables can be tricky, and wine glasses can be especially tricky – the body of the glass and the stem are quite delicate, plus with its odd shape, it can be difficult to find moving boxes and packaging materials that would help keep it from breaking during the move. Here are some tips to help you move those precious treasures.

Buy specialty boxes.
If you’re trying to save money with your long distance moving company, perhaps you should get old packing boxes or fruit boxes from the supermarket. While these are ok for clothes and linens, fragile stemware needs some extra care. You can purchase specialty boxes (or cell boxes) or dividers from a supply stores. Of course, if you talk to the supermarket manager or store owner, you may even find they’ll have packing boxes that have these dividers (like exotic fruit boxes or glassware.) Just make sure it’ll fit your wine glasses.

Cushioning is key.
Even if you have the dividers, don’t leave your wine glasses to chance. Stock up on packing paper or tissues paper and give it extra cushioning. Ball is up and stuff it inside the glass. Next, lay a couple of sheets of paper and place the glass on the corner, perpendicular to the wrapping paper. Then, fold the sides in and gently roll the glass until it is well wrapped. You can add an additional layer or stiffer paper (like newspaper) for added protection. You can also do the same with bubble wrap®.

Packing the glasses.
When you have all of the wine glasses wrapped, it’s time to put the glasses into the box. Gently insert them into the cells, and then place bubble wrap or tissue paper in the empty spaces. When you’re done packing the boxes, add a layer of bubble wrap on top of the box. Next, gently close the flaps. You’ll have to lift the box and shake it gently. This will help the glasses settle in, and will help you test if there are gaps in between the glasses and box. If so, open the box and fill up the gaps.

Finishing touches.

When you’re sure that there are no gaps, seal the box. Then, make sure you mark the moving box as “fragile” and more importantly, make sure you mark which side is up, so that the moving companies will know. If your stemware is particularly special, like if it’s antique or a family heirloom, you should consider bringing this in your own car or hand carrying it yourself. Preparing your wine glasses for moving can be simple, and protecting them will be worth it, to keep your glassware safe.