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It is for good reason that Charleston, West Virginia, is nicknamed the "Home of Hospitality". This is a vibrant and trendy City that goes out of its way to make you feel welcome, whether you are visiting or planning to move to Charleston. The message is simple – "See what a wonderful welcome really is." Those moving to Charleston should check out the options with our team of moving experts. Whether you are heading to Kanawha County or any of the other 54 counties making up West Virginia, you can complete your move with confidence when you draw from our wealth of experience. Any move is stressful, but by using our knowledge you are preparing for a hassle-free moving experience.

After the American Revolutionary War the first pioneers began moving away from established settlements in West Virginia to investigate the western region. The land that was to become the home of Charleston city greatly impressed them, because it held abundant natural resources and appealed greatly in terms of its settlement potential too. The first permanent settlement was Fort Lee built in 1788 by Colonel Clendenin and his Virginia Rangers. In the early 19th century salt brines were found along the Kanawha River and this led to the first salt well being drilled in 1806. This was good for Charleston and rapid economic growth soon favored the area. Then natural gas was found, and this was followed by the discovery of coal. Economic growth continued until, with the outbreak of the Civil War Virginia seceded from the Union and Charleston found itself torn between its Union and Confederate loyalties. The Battle of Charleston on September 13th, 1862 saw a temporary victory for the Confederates, but Union troops reoccupied it just six weeks later. Eventually peace returned, but with the onset of World War I, Charleston's natural resources were again in great demand in terms of chemicals including chlorine and sodium hydroxide, both made from salt brine. When the war was over Charleston continued to expand. This was thanks to its industrial capability and so it became an economic powerhouse, with amazing growth and job creation the order of the day right through the 20th century and on into the 21st century too.

Charleston owes much of its past performance and future development potential to its role as a transport and distribution hub. The abundant natural resources and the residents' ingenuity in using them have established the region as the West Virginia State's center of finance, retail trade, government, industry, arts and culture and, of course health care. In more recent years impressive growth in health services and the state banking sector have started to overtake the rest. So it is quite clear that the city of Charleston has a diversified economic base on which to build its future. The availability of a well educated workforce adds to the tremendous development potential.

Charleston's main tourist attraction is the State Capitol Building with its fine portrayal of public building architectural style. For more information on this and other tourist attractions and interesting events visit the Charleston, West Virginia Convention and Visitors Bureau. This will enable you to plan ahead of your visit and ensure that you maximize the treasures of this fast-moving metropolis. Rest assured, there are plenty of museums, mansions and great public parks to take enjoy in Charleston too.

  • The dome on the State Capitol Building in Charleston is 292-feet high. It cost more than 10 million dollars to build it, and that was in 1932.
  • The name "Charles Town" was chosen and is thought to have come from Colonel Clendenin's father, Charles. However the name had to be abbreviated to Charleston to avoid confusion with an existing Charles Town (named after George Washington's brother Charles), located in eastern West Virginia.
  • Jon McBride, NASA Astronaut, was born in the city.
  • Numbering 1500 buildings, Virginia Street in Charleston is thought to be the longest city block anywhere in the world.

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