Creative Storage Solutions for Your Dorm Room

Many people experience a bit of a shock after moving into a dorm room. After your moving company leaves and the boxes are piled into your room, the reality of these new tight living quarters will hit home. Resembling the size of a large walk-in closet, dorm-living not only requires you to live with a roommate, but requires that you make the most of your space. One way to do so is through storage. By using crafty storage solutions, you and your roommate can make the most of your space and feel less cramped in the process. 

Under-Bed Storage Space:
A simple solution to maximize your small space is to use an under-bed storage unit. These thin plastic containers are great for storing extra clothes such as seasonal items, bulky textbooks and any extra knick-knacks. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, a suitcase housed under-the-bed can also serve this purpose.

Closet Organizers:
One guarantee when you move into a dorm room is that it will have a closet. Even so, many people still need more space. There are numerous closet organizers that can make your life so much easier. One great solution is cubby shelves. Places like IKEA or Kmart sell changing cubbies that are attached by Velcro. Here you can place your underwear, socks, belts, scarves, hats, etc. This will also free up some space in your drawer. Other great storage solutions for your closest include shoe racks or an over-the-door shoe racks or garment racks for stacking shirts or sweaters.

Small Plastic Chest:
These plastic rolling carts are compact and offer a great storage solution for your dorm room. Generally, they have four drawers of storage where you can put toiletries, cosmetics, medications, etc. To maximize your space, place this storage unit in your closet.

Wall Hooks:
Instead of having your towels, sweater or jacket hanging loosely on your chair, closet door handle or worse, the floor, consider placing some hooks in your dorm room. Instead of using the ones that require you to nail them in, purchase over-the-door models that can be placed on your door or closest door.

Shelving Solutions:
Massive-sized textbooks and college go hand-in-hand. Instead of purchasing a bookcase (that you likely can’t fit in your room anyway), use plastic milk crates, corner shelves, mesh shelves or plastic drawer units.

Laundry Duffle Bags:
In your new space, you will also have to house your dirty laundry. Instead of using a bulky hamper, consider purchasing a laundry duffel bag that can easily slip under a bed or in your closest. These storage units are also great because they have handles – making it very easy to transport them to your laundry room

The main thing when moving into a dorm is to be mindful of your packing. Of course, even though we have the best of intentions when packing for college, we often bring too much stuff. In order to avoid having a cramped dorm space, use several storage solutions – whether by purchasing units or getting creative with what you already have.